How will we afford an organic plant-based diet on a small budget?

  Recently I rented The Game Changers. I’m a huge documentary lover. It’s how I choose to educate myself on most topics. This documentary is a top most popular rental on iTunes and I can see why. It really gets you pumped up to dive into a devoted plant-based lifestyle. Now, here is some history. I was introduced to veganism when I was 15 years old and my mother sent me to an activist camp one summer. It was the only summer camp I had ever attended and I loved it! I met Ram Dass and learned about walking meditations. … Continue reading How will we afford an organic plant-based diet on a small budget?

Paying off a mortgage within 5 years and how to build big savings fast.

Choices. I said something real smart the other day and I’ll try and remember it…hum…something like, “our choices today make up our harvest tomorrow”? Brilliant! Someone may have already said this and I’m copyrighting. We have heard this sort of saying about today’s choices are tomorrows….or yesterday’s choices are todays something rather. Anyway, the smartest thing we can do to ensure a good tomorrow is to really weigh in on our decisions. You know in your gut what to do in all of life’s situations. One top priority is to pay off that mortgage as fast as we can. I’m … Continue reading Paying off a mortgage within 5 years and how to build big savings fast.

Transforming an ugly yard and house into a sanctuary.

  All it takes is a shovel, some pots, fruit trees, long weekends, lots of love for the work and voila! You have taken a hideous yard and made it lovely and productive. I was searching frantically for homes in 2017. We watched housing prices double in the Sacramento area and rents were skyrocketing (as they are to this day). I have two children and two dogs and I’ll tell you this…do not have dogs if you plan to rent cheap. It is very hard to find a rental that will allow dogs, especially big dogs and you have to … Continue reading Transforming an ugly yard and house into a sanctuary.

Quick way to set up a pantry for scratch cooking.

Frugal living is living under your means. It is exchanging one expense for another that might create a higher quality of life, not getting rid of all the fun things in life. It is learning the craft of living simply in order to have more of what makes life truly delicious and luxurious. One way to save a huge amount of your monthly income is to learn to shop and cook differently. I did a Jumpstart Frugal vlog recently about extreme ways to start living under your means. This goes with it perfectly. I love working from cookbooks that help … Continue reading Quick way to set up a pantry for scratch cooking.

Jumpstart frugal. Part 1.

We are busy, busy, busy. Homeschooling began and the boys have a day of enrichment classes and one day of the forest/outdoor school up in the mountain community. We have put in our Fall garden and I’m back to writing out our budget and cooking up a mess of beans and fried onions and potatoes on a regular basis. I made this video recently. It is inspiring for those of us wanting to cut cost and downsize. Enjoy and part 2 will be out soon. Continue reading Jumpstart frugal. Part 1.

The Frugal Life. Living on $27,000 a year.

Two years ago we moved to this little 1941 stucco cottage that was home to many local squatters and drug dealers. It was the bane of the neighborhood, to say the least. Today it is the cutest cottage on the block and the neighbors enjoy looking upon it to see what new idea we will create in our yard. My husband and I have turned it into a hobby house where we garden and repair things and feel much like we are in some sort of training camp for a bigger project down the road. We have fun and play … Continue reading The Frugal Life. Living on $27,000 a year.

My job as a House Manager.

    I love waiting in dental or doctors offices. I am the one person that has no problem when they are running late. If I have no children that is. I bring a book and enjoy that quiet time, amen! The other day I waited my turn for a teeth cleaning and enjoyed some time reading Home Economics by Mrs. Sharon White. The entry was about a homemakers’ worth in dollars. We have read many articles on this and I have even discussed this before. We add up the salary of a driver, cook, maid, secretary, teacher, butler, nanny…or … Continue reading My job as a House Manager.

The reality of homemaking.

Does it happen to all housewives at some time in their homemaking careers? The letting go of the perfectly tidy house? The relaxing with all the cleaning, the days of organizing, watching Flylady routines on YouTube to get ideas…or try and reinspire yourself? Does a time come when you post a note on the fridge that says “Let It Go” and you take it as seriously as a Proverb in the Bible? I feel busy with task and projects all day but I move slowly and methodically and at the end of the day the house is a mess (I … Continue reading The reality of homemaking.

Fantastic redecoration of the home with Goodwill treasures.

A housewife’s day is endless when little people and furry critters are involved. There is a lot of washing, sweeping, vacuuming and tidying up…repeat, repeat, repeat ad nauseam. I was tiring of the Twilight Zone of house cleaning and wanted to have more time to write and play. So a journey began involving some research into Minimalism. I watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix series and the documentary Minimalism with Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. I’m not new to the movement. I had been introduced to downsizing when researching ways of homeschooling. I had read The Magic of Tidying up years … Continue reading Fantastic redecoration of the home with Goodwill treasures.

A housewife’s quest for enlightenment.

As you can see from this photo, the moving boxes went to good use in the end despite our not moving. The boys built shantytowns, cities, camps with the boxes for days until I tired of my yard looking like an encampment area and took them all to the recycling bin at Bali’s work. We have settled back into this house and are looking at staying another few years. Our neighbors are still nervous and encouraged us to get the “for sale” sign out of the front yard quickly and then when Bali brought home his friends large moving truck … Continue reading A housewife’s quest for enlightenment.