Easy ways to manage the home and cooking for the working parent and single parent.

I am not a working parent…well, yes, I am but from home and on my terms. I rise naturally and not with an alarm, I work as I please and when I feel moved to create. I write and have a YouTube channel that generates enough money for me to say I work and be able to afford organics. But for a working parent or single parent work is an alarm, rising unnaturally and often in the dark, maybe a long commute and working for someone else doing what they want you to do. Not only that but there are … Continue reading Easy ways to manage the home and cooking for the working parent and single parent.

Homemaking like our grandmothers.

    I love that we have the choice of running water, we can watch funny things on TV, and with the press of  3 buttons our laundry does itself and comes out fresh and clean (sometimes). I love flushing the toilet and being able to stock my pantry with a few shopping trips at stores filled with pretty jars and brightly colored boxes. And the vacuum, God bless it, let us not forget the vacuum. I’ve added a few other items to my life to bring some modern ease into my domestic duties; a bread maker from the Hospice … Continue reading Homemaking like our grandmothers.

Making do with what you have and where you are.

I’ve dreamt of moving far into the hills, living in a quaint town, having a half acre to plant orchards and lush gardens filled with fruits and veggies. I would have homesteading neighbors that would trade me honey and eggs for my prized apples and herbs and we would all be like-minded and live copacetic. But this constant dreaming of another place and situation, this planning and setting of goals toward a future something else, while positive in the aspect of having a dream or goal to motivate one’s self, it takes me out of the present. There is setting … Continue reading Making do with what you have and where you are.

Homemaking made easier for the working and single parent.

I write many books for the homemaker making do on a single income, the stay at home parent, and homeschoolers. Rarely do I direct my concerns and support specifically toward the parents that really need all the support and nurturing that can be dished up; the single parents and parents that both have to work without a choice. I am a homemaker with support from the father and husband. Despite living on very small paychecks at times, I am very fortunate to have this choice to stay home with the boys and homeschool. I have a partner that goes out … Continue reading Homemaking made easier for the working and single parent.

Feeding a family on $10 a week.

I just picked this book up from the library and am now reading it like crazy. The idea is to feed a couple or family on $10 per person per week. I’m already a bit irritated because at the beginning of the book she mentions that they have a homestead were their meat, eggs, milk, fruit, and vegetables come from. Hello, if you are getting all that from the homestead…yes, you can have a tiny budget easily. So, inquiring minds want to know! I’m going to devote myself to reading this book fully because it has been referred to as … Continue reading Feeding a family on $10 a week.

Going fully organic on a small budget.

Recently I was introduced to this documentary by Azure Standard. They sent this around to their customers and I love documentaries on health and nutrition so I eagerly rented it on Amazon and watched the entire thing over coffee. I then had my husband watch it. After which we both discussed and came to the decision that we would go fully organic. Amen. Now, I have known that GMO’s were not good and that organic is the best for us, but the cost is sometimes a bummer and then you have the old fashioned folks that poo poo it all … Continue reading Going fully organic on a small budget.

Learning to be present in the now before it’s all gone.

I have been having a difficult time lately with doing too much and being too productive and not realizing the cost. I write books, make vlogs, and then there is homemaking, homeschooling, raising little boys, the kitchen gardens now that spring is in full bloom and so on. I love all that I do but suddenly I hit the wall and I spread myself so thin that all that I do is half a#$ed.  I’m not doing that great at anything because I’m not present in my daily to do’s, I’m off making more list and planning other projects…while doing … Continue reading Learning to be present in the now before it’s all gone.

Homemaking 101.

How do we become the quintessential homemaker? Do we have fine homes with matching sofa and love seat against soft tan walls in our suburbia? Do we cook fine meals from the Joy of Cooking and decorate cakes that compete with the local bakery in the gentrified part of the city? Do we throw excellent parties that are the talk of the town? Do we have perfect hair and pressed jeans? If so, I’m in a lot of trouble. My home is shabby chic with nothing…and I emphasize nothing matching. I bake cakes in a large pan and stick dinosaurs … Continue reading Homemaking 101.

What if?

I hear many families in my community talk of hard times brought on by injuries, unemployment, disability, and the 2008 recession that should have taught many a good and much needed lesson on living above your means. Some hardship is unforeseen and can’t be avoided, some hardships are created through unwise choices and investments. Right now life is easy for us; the spouse works a decent and easy job down the street and isn’t in a seasonal job or work that endangers his body and health. We live under our means, debt free, cars paid off, small mortgage, and I … Continue reading What if?