Filling Up On Spirit!


Happy Sunday!  Today is the day many of us fill the Churches, Temples, and Spiritual Centers to get some Spiritual food for the soul.  I sat with my mug o’ coffee this morning and started to write a bit about this, but I was getting a little too opinionated and was not awake enough to say anything of value.  I have since attended the Center for Spiritual Awareness (my church of choice these days), filled up and now I just might have something interesting to impart for the day.  My only desire is to inspire, motivate, or at least activate some thought for at least one person out there.

I am a big lover of the Spiritual realm and studies.  I used to attend Cross Roads Christian Church for a couple years, before that I enjoyed a handful of services at Kingdom Hall and before that I attended the Centers for Spiritual Awareness. I like to mix it up.  I attribute much of my personal healing and growth to have come out of taking several classes at the Center for Spiritual Awareness and I enjoyed a women’s bible study at Starbucks weekly.  I have a library full of Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Ernest Holmes,  Deepak Chopra, and everything in between.  I have the Jehovah’s library on my computer.  My deepest gratitude goes to Florence Scovel Shinn, a bright and fabulous metaphysical teacher.  I work with healers and clairvoyants to repair the wounds of my past and I will point someone to a good Disney movie for a good teaching in values, morals, and teachings in the great Universal Laws.  I have a small painting of Jesus on my dresser, Lakshmi (a Hindu Goddess) in my living room and one of my favorite books is Autobiography of a Yogi.  I attempt to read the bible daily every year as a New Years Resolution and so far I have made it up to February.

So, there you have it.  That is how I fill up!  Why just go to one Church and have one book and one belief?  I had a foreign friend who said it perfectly, “All rivers lead to the ocean.”  If you strip down every religion and every spiritual practice and theory, you get the same message.  Do right, think right, act right, live right and you will prosper!  Of course, that is a simplification.

The teachings of Christ are beautiful teachings, the gospels teach us how to live well, so do the teachings of Buddha and Paramahansa Yogananda.  And how about the Native American beliefs and their deep connection to Mother Earth and the Great Spirit.  How about all those metaphysicians that help us to understand the Universal Laws and our connection to God and the power of our Mind?  Why limit ourselves to just one book or church?

Having a spiritual practice of some sort is soothing to the soul.  To believe in the Universe’s greatness and power, to find faith in hard times, and to have the tools to heal your pains is what a spiritual practice does for us.  There is no right way to believe or study, there is no right religion or spiritual practice.  All practices are wonderful and can bring you to a place of comfort and peace.  They can all be used to build a home within us that makes us feel solid in shaky times and all practices can all teach us that faith is real and produces real results.

When we open our minds and explore the spiritual world, we can plant an abundant garden of mental and emotional health.  We can go deep and heal what ails us and we can learn to reverse and replace incorrect, old belief systems that are holding us back from our greatness.

There are so many great and wise teachers, past and present, that can lead us to the light.

I, personally, have always loved and come back to CSA (Center for Spiritual Awareness).  It is a place where all religions are embraced, along with all cultures and beliefs.  Everyone is accepted with all their ideas, eccentricities, and orientations.  Their motto is, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life.”   I have to attend a place like this, no one else would accept the way I go about being a believer.   I’m also planning to attend a Joyce Meyer’s convention (hardcore Christian) coming to Sacramento in July.  I was studying one on one with a Jehovah Witness recently and I’ll be reading Autobiography of a Yogi for the third time.  How do I get away with it?

I suggest everyone find a place where they can go worship and praise.  Find your community, find a church or center that feels like home.  Study Buddha, study yogis, study the Bible…or just meditate.  Sit silently in the forest, sing with a choir, find teachings that make you think and ponder the wonder of life.  Mix and match!  The worst thing that will happen is you may get a little bit enlightened on the way.

This Universe is a miracle in itself.  Albert Einstein said, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”  Think on that!

So, have your coffee with a little Joyce  Meyer’s or Joel Osteen in the morning, meditate at the beach as the sun comes up, find a Center or Church near you.

Churches and Spiritual Centers are great for families.  They celebrate holidays in fun ways such as talent shows and holiday choir groups, there are potlucks and gatherings that bring the community together,  Bible studies that bond women and men, youth groups for the kids and teens (great for keeping them in a wholesome arena during pubescents), and you build a community that will support you through good times and hard times.

If you are new to town, this is a great way to get to know people and make friends.  If you have a troubled past or you want to change your future, classes and study can help attain this goal.  I have made 180 with classes through CSA.  I learned how to do treatment prayers and meditate, to change my thinking and empower myself.  I have learned to manifest and co-create new experiences in my world.  I wish this for everyone.  You can rebuild your life completely with the help of a spiritual practice.  Ah, what wonders await.

And so it is!








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