The housewife that is an author.


I woke up this morning, donned my uniform (stretch pants, sports bra, and tshirt…sexy, I know) and started my morning routines.  There are no chickens to feed or cows to milk in this story, just dogs, cat, and little boys.  I turn on my coffee pot as that is the first and MOST important move of my day.  I turn on the computer as this is my career.  I feed everyone from little people to dogs and a cat that thinks she’s the alpha dog.  I start simmering dried beans for today’s burritos, adding garlic and salt. I also start some rice in the rice cooker.  There are clothes to put on on child and  a diaper to change, my emails, my blog, checking on my free give away on amazon.

I like to sit at the table in the kitchen that is placed in front of the big window looking out on the street.  I see neighbors walking dogs, kids walking to school, grandmas out for their morning brisk walk.  I text back and forth to my neighbor right next door to me who works from home.  I had a dinner failure last night and she’s giving support and advice as to what to do next time.

I live in an 860 square foot cottage in a fairly new town for us.  I do not work outside the home.  My children don’t go to school or homeschool yet as they are too young.  I live in a very small world.  Made smaller by the fact I refuse to watch the news or even get on Facebook.  I really can’t digest the news.  They claim to tell the “whole story”.  We know that they tell only the side that gets ratings.  The news and mainstream media are cheap, shallow, incorrect, and the most miserable showing and display of humanity at its worst.  Why suffer it?

I only plug into positive stories, stories of love and kindness overcoming hate, stories of generosity overcoming greed, of forest being replanted, tribes winning their lands back, of animals thriving after almost being extinct, of waterways being cleaner than ever in the last 50 years, homes being built for homeless veterans.  That is the reality I choose.

So, back to my small world.  When I started blogging I wondered what I would have to talk about.  I am a housewife and mother and my world can seem like an endless wheel of laundry, cooking, dusting…how interesting is that?  I get bored with it myself and have to find inspiration from other women.  I have to find ways to make it new and fun all the time.  I write about that and it’s surprising what a topic you can make of it when you delve deep and put a spin of humor to it.

I read all kinds of articles on blogging and how often to blog, how to blog, what to blog.  I finally decided on two ways to approach it; blog daily to build a following and grow my little world and to write what I wanted and how I wanted to write.  When I was trying to write mainstream (so boring) I was bland and unoriginal.  Then I let go.  I realized the big question, “why write if you aren’t going to share of your true self?”.  I remembered a scene in the Howard Stern movie, Private Parts.  He was at the gas station with his wife.  They were just starting out in life, marriage, his career.  He wasn’t doing too great as a radio DJ.  He was doing his job how he was told to do it, keeping bland and boring and mainstream.  He was suppressing himself big time.  He told his wife that he was going to go all out from then on, he asks, “what if I’m just myself, what if I just go for it and not care what anyone thinks?”  Not the words exactly, but the emotion is that.

I’m not a fan of Howard, I don’t even listen to his show, but this scene has given me a change of heart…and way of expressing myself.  I have found, since letting go myself, that my writing has some heart.  Writing daily is improving my talent and stimulating my mind vastly.  My books are taking on a new flavor and the people that come to my site and join me are smart, funny, and amazing.  They are fellow bloggers and artist and I’m honored by their interest and decision to continue on with me on my journeys.

It also turns out the more you write…and ponder life, the more life gives you to write about.  Even in my little cottage filled with human children and furry children that bark and cough up fur balls, I have found a whole world that is full and colorful.  I have also created a career from scratch, a cheap laptop, the library, and my life, my thoughts, and experiences.  It has a zero cost…well, some minimal cost, and brings me a fulfillment and stimulation that is much needed to transform the drudgery of daily monotony (also known as stability) into something to look forward to each day with my morning chores and coffee.  The monotony is no longer that, but opportunities for a story.


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