Starting a new life.


Happy Sunday to all!  Today is a new day for me and I’d like to share some unoriginal thoughts with you all.  Is anything we have in our mind new after all?

I’ve been really enjoying the Abraham workshops on YouTube lately.  I’ve also been immersing myself in Yogananda’s teachings and Tony Robbins lectures, along with the old greats such as Napoleon Hill and Florence Scovel Shinn.  These are all teachers of healing and right living.  And guess what?  They all say the same thing;  the mind, the mind, the mind.

The mind is where it is all happening and where you will heal, fix, or harm yourself.  This is the operating system of you and your reality.  Do you want to fix your life?  Fix your mind. Do you want to be happy?  Work on the mind.  Do you want a better life?  Do you want more abundance? Success?  Love?  The mind.  At the Center for Spiritual Awareness, the motto is, “Heal your mind, heal your life.”

We look for that magic pill, we reach for that bottle of wine, a toke off the bong, a new diet, a better paying job, a shopping spree…all to feel better.

For a new start on an already tired life, we get books, go to seminars, buy a new wardrobe, start a new job…all to renew the happiness.

But it’s all there in the mind.  We can completely change our life for free and right in our own home.  Sure, we will need lot’s of guidance at first and that is easily found online.  I love YouTube for this.  I love the teachings of Abraham.  It rings true to me.  I believe that if we set a goal to change our minds completely for 30 days, we will be amazed at what will happen.

When I was doing the Mind Fast I had to be present with my thoughts to make sure that they stayed positive or if they swayed that I quickly went into finding a solution.  It was like being locked in a room with the sounds of my mind all day and it was a real eye-opener, so to speak.  I was a bit horrified at how negative, fearful, worried, and even jealous I can be…and let’s not forget angry and wounded…oh, and holding grudges…and fretting about the WHOLE WORLD.  All the emotions that cause illness, such as cancer and even mental illness.

I could only think, “what would I be like, what would my life be like if I got rid of all this heavy, dark, thick, poison?”  Mind you (no pun intended), I’ve been at this work for a long, long time…and still I’m not well…well enough to really live in joy and harmony, to manifest my wants with ease.  I have felt blocked like I’m on the other side of a thin, but an impeniterable wall that holds all my wishes out of reach.  Now I know why.  It is my thinking.

I was raised by a woman who was mentally ill, addicted to valium and alcohol and anger.  I didn’t hear many good things growing up.  And the wonderful thing about that now is that I hunger for all that teaching now!  I love the great old and new healers and teachers, I read stacks of books and watch hours of seminars and lectures with the delight of a child at Christmas with stacks of gifts.  And that is what the work offers…an abundance of gifts to transform yourself and your life.

I am celebrating a birthday today and it doesn’t mean much, but I have decided to make this an important year of incredible self-growth.  I wrote a mission statement last night to list the ways in which I would perform this change, what I wanted to accomplish, and what I wanted to manifest this year.

I swore that when the light appeared in the sky this morning that I would begin a transformation that will require my full commitment and devotion.  I have the tools, the know-how, and resources.  For example; the Abraham teachings or Journey to Self-Realization by Paramahansa Yogananda and others.  Then there is the day to day.  I refuse to go to places or do things that don’t feel good and right.  I refuse to spend time with anyone that will not lift me up higher or at least be at the same level.  I am in search of all the happiness that this world has to offer.  And there is a huge surplus!  Think of all the music, books, movies, people, and places that have so much good and fun to ofter.

Yesterday I decided to see what I could manifest on such short notice.  I ask the Universe to gift me abundantly today.  I wasn’t even specific.  I just wanted to be surprised.  Already I have been gifted with Google’s signature in the form of birthday cakes, the Facebook blessings and the best gift of all was a message from the Universe.  There are no coincidences, the Universe and it’s unseen guides try to message us all the time through songs, parts in books that we open accidentally, things people say, and a part in a movie that gets to us.  Today I had a friend mention they were watching Joel Osteen in a few minutes and so I decided to watch him myself.  Low and behold he kept saying, “It’s your birthday, ask God for all the abundance you desire!”  How profound is that as I had also written in my Mission Statement all I desired this year.  Joel repeated it so many times that I clearly got the message.

Thank you Universe, God, and all the lovely and supportive guides that are there for us!

To celebrate my new self I would like to offer a gift to all of you today.  I am giving away my Queen of Penny Pinching ebook on amazon today as my birthday gift to all of you.  Great book for overhauling your life for being frugal, thrifty, and sustainable.  Here is the link:

Many Blessings!!!



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