Starting your garden in the mind.


And so it begins, the new life!  I am eager to begin again, to start over and do life in a fabulous way.  I find it exciting that we can even do this, we can decide to start all over the next day if we choose.  And so we begin to plough and plant a new garden and then we will spend time each day watering and weeding as needed.  We will go out each morning and watch sprouts come up and grow into thick plants loaded with bounty.  We will harvest this bounty all year long and for all our remaining years.

I find that writing a Mission Statement helps get things off the ground.  We write our intentions and what we would like to see happen or manifest for the year ahead.  We take the time to really put our heart and soul into this.  We then put it away and go forth to conquer.  How do we proceed really?

I always thought dream boards and affirmations were the way to go, however, I recently listened to an Abraham talk and it turns out that it can be both good and not so helpful.  If you are in the dumps and the affirmations and a visual dream board lifts you up…this is great and use it!!  However, if you are just looking and speaking the words without emotion, it may be creating the “not having” feeling you must avoid.

Feelings and thoughts are what create the dreams to mold from the ether into the solid form of reality and our daily experience.  We must “feel” the emotion of wanting and be always excited and in a state of anticipation.  Just as we order something from amazon.  We are excited and always happy to see the mailman, we know without a doubt that the wonderful gift is coming.  We don’t worry and fret, stand at the door with fear that the mail man lost the gift or the company will forget to send us our package.  However, we do this with the Universe.  We send out our desires and then immediately destroy and stop the process by saying the famous, “I don’t know, this probably won’t work.”  Later you have been successful in being right and will say, “See!  I said it wouldn’t work.”  Exactly!  You will always be right.  If you say it will and go on to skip down the street in joy…it will.  If you say it won’t and go sit in a corner to be fretful and gloom…it won’t.

The Universe just gives you what it feels from you.  So, put your desires out there and let go.  Spend all the rest of the time building other sand castles, whistling while you work, and staying happy.  That is your only job in this matter.  If you can stay in happiness the grandest part of life will seek you out.

It’s important to make sure your soil is rich and fertile.  How do we really do that?  We fill up on the good stuff.  Good books, positive movies with winning messages, music that is upbeat and joyful, lectures or writings from great teachers such as Abraham with Esther Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Joyce Myers, Joel Osteen, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins…the list goes on.  Find what speaks to you and inspires you to be fruitful.

We don’t want rodents in our garden or pesky bugs and vermin.  What are these in our reality?  Negative people, Downer Debbies, people with addictions that are still practicing the art of it, angry souls…this list goes on too.  Best to just keep happy and positive souls about your garden.  Surround yourself with those that make you feel good and inspire you.  Seek them out.  I also clean and declutter my very home as a practice of “clearing”.

The garden will need continuous weeding.  We “weed”out the negative activities, books, music, people…anything that doesn’t feel good.  It’s a process and should be done frequently until we start to have breathing room and feel light and good inside.

We must water and feed the garden.  A good solid spiritual practice will provide the food you will need for this life.  I watch and read it all. Yesterday I had Joel Osteen for breakfast, today I had Joyce Myers with my coffee, last night I Yogananda for desert.  Meditation, yoga, a walk in the woods daily…it’s whatever feels good for you.

What will you plant?  That is why a Mission Statement helps to formulate what you want to create in your life, your families life.  Get detailed.  Then let go.  Move forward.  Find happiness like your life depends on it…because it does.

Many Blessings!



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