Unplugging from media just a little for well being.


I’m off in the vortex!  Sort of…I’m working on it.  I am on a huge mission to change my mind once and for all!  I’m being silly about this, however, it is actually such a serious matter.  Healing the mind and spirit to a wholeness so that you can go forth into the day and the future and have a joyous and abundant life is some intense, exciting, fun, and hard work that requires so much focus and clearing out and changing of almost everything.  Of course, we keep what pleases us and brings a smile to our hearts, but all else must be re examined and either tossed or set aside for further exploration.

I find media to bring me, both, great pleasure and fun and torment.  Facebook is one form of media I don’t much enjoy. I have read so many others who lament over this Facebook.  It is a great way to stay in touch and such a great set up as far as the layout and enjoyment of scrolling through it to see what others are doing, sharing jokes and articles. It is fabulous!  And it can also invoke competition, jealousy, anger, fuel arguments, and misunderstandings.  I have had a love/hate with it for years.  I am so focused on having fun and being happy right now that, after much debate, I’m pulling the plug on it.  It’ great for my blog post and I have an author’s page that I advertise through.  It hasn’t done much.

I am also steering clear of the news, especially now with the debates.  Lord, I got a few minutes in the other day and was horrified that these two goofy birds are our only choice for our countries leadership.  God help us is all I have to say.  Maybe it’s time to leave the country completely?

I just watch Joyce and Joel every day with my coffee and listen to Esther (Abraham) during the day along with plenty of music.  I think about butterflies and rainbows.  I am still uncluttering.  I know it sounds like I’ve cleared out my house by now.  You may wonder if I even have furniture…I do and lots of other good stuff, but I just find things all the time that I don’t want,  or like, maybe it makes me sad or frustrated, makes homemaking too much work, and I think that someone else will enjoy that stuff and off it goes to the curb.  As I clear out my mind, I clear out the physical.  It’s all ceremony.

And along with the uncluttering of the house is the uncluttering of email, media, and even people.  I truly believe that if you make room in your life for better, better will show up.  Clear space, make room for all the brand new gifts the Universe has been waiting to give you.  Stuff and some people hold us back.  Rise up and up and others will find you if they are on that level.  Get rid of that junky sweater and someone will give you a better one the next day, let go of that stagnant, negative friendship and a new friend will find you next week that you will just adore!  Keep cleaning and all kinds of fun things will appear, all kinds of blessings with unfold.

So, forward I go and each day gets more enjoyable.  I am already enjoying the benefits and that is what spurs me forward.  Heck, I even got myself a new Chiropractor who has a great reputation, I can walk to his office, his secretary is friendly and fun, he is supposedly an amazing doctor who is thorough and kind.  Can’t wait, especially as I feel my hand going a little numb as I type.

Anyone of you beautiful folk on Facebook that would like to continue following my blog, here is the link:


Enjoy your day and Many Blessings!!



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