Wrestling with the mind.


Parts of this world have so much struggle and pain.  Parts of this world have so much joy and abundance.  There is so much beauty and so much crap!  The city is a great expression of the world in a condensed space.  You drive down one street and there is a ghetto with filth, junk loaded in the yards, poverty, hate, gangs, infested with drugs.  You can only imagine the minds of these people.  You know that their minds are filled with addiction, pain, anger.  If their minds could be healed, their lives would start to look different on the outside.  It is not just the poverty that makes these people such a mess, that brings such violence and trouble.  It is how they think and perceives themselves and their lives.  They feel stuck and that leads to bad choices.  That and what happens to them in childhood on up and choosing NOT to overcome it but be a victim to it.

Then we go down another street and it’s lined with large, lush trees, there are adorable homes with potted flowers on the porches, holiday flags waving at the entrances, gardens growing in the back yard.  There is a different mindset.  One of strength, hope, abundance.

I will not pretend to have the answers.  I will say that I’m on my own journey of exploring the power of the mind.  I have come from a hard, hard childhood, struggled with bad habits, questioned spirituality after being raised atheist, created my own form of debt and poverty, created a hellish life…and overcome it all to conquer and go forth into a beautiful and happy life.  However, I’m still working some old haunts out.

I’ve been on a huge cleaning and uncluttering bender lately and it is just a physical representation of what is occurring in my mind.  I am clearing out old ways of thinking and old beliefs that don’t support well-being.  I was “trained” to think one way.  I was raised by a mentally ill person.  As you can assume, I was not taught to think in a right or well format.  I was also raised to dislike God, to not even believe in higher powers.

As I write this I have my Pandora on and an old gospel song has come on “Somethings Got a Hold of Me”.  It sure does!  Something good finally got through to my tired mind and I am living in it and filling up daily to renew this mind and spirit.  I find it interesting that every time I write about the mind and healing a hand clapping, God praising song comes on.  Is it Spirit sending a message?  I believe so!  Today I believe in God.  I call it Universe, Spirit…doesn’t matter.  I never enjoyed the silly debate of She, He, It…who cares.  God is God.  God is neither male or female.  “He” is just an all-encompassing description.  Just like the color black is ALL colors.  There’re some things to chew on, right?

As our mind shifts to happier thoughts and our words spoken are more to uplift and inspire, our lives began to clear out and rebuild.  At first, it looks like it’s all going to hell as we start a new way of living.  Joyce Myers would say, “when we ask for a new life, better strap on that seat belt”.  No kidding!  We lose people, maybe even get fired, divorced…all kinds of things happen.  But it is just the old being destroyed and cleared out to make way for the new.  We can’t keep the old life and start thinking a new way right?  You ask for a new life, didn’t you?  Well, to build a new house right where the old house still sits you must tear down the old house and clear out the rubble to start fresh.  As hard as it may be, embrace the hard parts.  Give thanks to God for throwing out the trash.  Amen!

Then watch all the blessings come in the form of new friends that will support you, a new job you enjoy more, a new relationship with a kinder mate.  Have faith.  Believe it BEFORE you see it.  Jump into the void with faith that God will reach out and catch you.  Be quiet and wait to hear from Spirit.  Ask all the questions and the answers will come…not always as you would like, but in clever ways such as a book, a stranger’s words, lyrics to a song that speak to you.

In the meantime, as you work on you and your life, be proactive.  Surround yourself with nice people, find a Church or Spiritual Center, take classes, listen to teachings on Youtube, read books.  Be very picky about the movies and music you listen to.  Isolate for a while if you need to.  You are a new babe in the womb of transition and some alone time is good sometimes.

Learn to love and honor and respect you above all others and find others that will also love you in a good way.

The journey can be hard, but it’s also exciting and fun.  You will look back and it will be the beginning of the best days of your life.  And as I wrap this writing up the song coming on is “God Is Good!”  Ah, see God is with us all the time!

Many Blessings!


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