When Law of Attraction shows up.


The other side of the rainbow, it’s an age-old tale of the journey to the other side and the reward of a pot of gold if you make it.  I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction for, what feels like eons.  I’ve had great luck.  Then I get lazy, I have everything I want and I lose interest in the practice.  Recently I’ve had to re-enroll myself in the practice.

My thinking was getting poopy and loopy and life was becoming stagnant.  I had a list growing of wants and needs and not a response from the Universe…nada!  I was getting royally perturbed.  I think of that old Queen’s song, “I want it all and I want it now!”  I hear you, Freddie Mercury!

There is so much drama going on in the world right now that it’s hard to find and stay in one’s “happy place”, however, it must be found and nestled into to stay sane and make some magic in one’s life.  It’s not really magic.  It is the natural order of things, it is what was always intended for us.  We have strayed far.

I have been cleaning and clearing out my house, my mind, and all the in between.  The shift has begun.  We have already filled up the storehouse with all our  wants and desires, unfortunately, we block all the flow with the “can’t, don’t know, maybe not, not so sure.”  If you can get out of the way and turn your attention to other things…and get happy, things will start coming to you and fast!  Fast only because it’s all been in the works for some time and been waiting for you to let go, surrender, stop blocking it.  The Universe only does what you ask, it is a mirror.  You feel hate, it brings you hate.  You feel good and loving, everyone smiles back.  It is a loyal servant that has no objective.  It is God’s gift for us to work with and create good for ourselves and extend the good works out.

With Law of Attraction, there has to be right living.  You can NOT live in a fashion that is unhealthy and wrong and feel good and right.  Good, right, wholesome living brings more good, right, and wholesome.

If you are drinking and fighting up a storm…sorry, you will only get more of it.  If you act like a punk at work…you will get fired.  You must have good thoughts, feelings, and words…backed up with good actions.  Get busy, get happy.

Recently the activity on my website has increased, book sales have increased, and my husband got a nice raise at work.  This is within a couple days.  However, I’ve been working diligently to clean it up (that being my mind and home).  Focus on the good, the grateful, and joy.  I look forward to much more.

The Universe knows what you want, it is already on the way, relax and go have fun.

Many Blessings!


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