Reset your mind. Watch your life blossom.


I was watching Joyce Meyers this morning as I folded mounds of laundry and enjoying a cup of creamy and sweet coffee.  I have a great life.  It is simple, we are not wealthy in our reality today, I have not become a huge success with my books…yet, and my family of two boys, husband, two large dogs, one cat, and myself are living in an 860 square foot cottage with a little yard out back.

My husband works a lot and I have no help with the children.  We are still new to this town and because I don’t work outside the home and taking classes, volunteering, and many activities don’t happen right now because of the age and dependence of my children…it is difficult to make friends and build community.  It could get very lonely.

Yet, I  am rarely tired (even with two little people and I’m 46) and I am very happy and content.  Only when I let my mind go in negative valleys and begin to think as I was taught to think as a child…that can blow up into a full on depression.  Lately, I have immersed myself into all that is positive.  I have a huge spiritual practice of learning, studying, reading, practicing at this time and each day I grow more grateful, more wholesome of mind and spirit, and happy.  Each day I see my outer life reflecting all the deliciousness brewing inside my mind.

My vibration is getting higher and I’m attracting abundance that it is even spilling out to those around us in a great way.  I’ll tell you a short story;

My family went to Clearlake to visit a couple that we adore and consider our family.  They have plenty of properties all over the place and some of them they rent out as B and B’s.  This was one of the homes and the guest had just left.  My friends were up there cleaning and preparing for the new guest.  We drove the two hours to be with them.  We took up all our spices, chicken, and Atta to make them a wonderful Indian curry dinner complete with Indian tea and Prada (Indian tortillas with butter).

We sat around the table talking about Law of Attraction and other works and teachings.  Our friends briefly mentioned having some money issues (even the wealthy can be poor) then we talked of attracting abundance.  We went on to eat, play, laugh, watch some spiritual things on the iPad, have a good time, play with the kids….

later that night I decided to make the boys some more chicken and I found adorable bowls with handles.  As I pulled the bowl down I see a hundred dollar bill in one of the bowls.  Voila!  The money is starting to come.  The people who stayed there had left the money.  My friends enjoyed a lot of abundances that day.  A home cooked Indian meal, $100 found in the dishes, and even learned some new teachings that will help them keep the good stuff coming in.

It is all small stuff, but it adds up.  The fun part is watching my life improve daily, knowing that each day there will be a blessing, a gift.  It’s also fun to ask a question and receive the answer.  It is like communicating with the unseen guides in our lives…it is exactly that.  We just tune in.  Once we let go, things flow into our lives.  Once we start paying attention, we get the help, the support, the answers.

Have you ever had a thought about something and then later you turned on the TV and there was a program that talked about that same thing?  Or you ask yourself a question, maybe even directly called on Spirit to answer this question and the next day you met a stranger, struck up a conversation and that stranger told you a story or said something that answered that question?  Maybe it was a song that came on the radio or a book that caught your eye at the bookstore?

Support and provisions are all around you.

What is in your mind?  Look around you.  There is your answer.  If you aren’t pleased the good news is that you can start a whole new life tomorrow!  Ask for Gods help, seek out teachings to help you find a new path.  There is so much great stuff out there and it’s SO FUN to change your life!  To find a new mission and create anew!  It starts out slow, but as you build up your spiritual strength, clear out the old, fill up on the new, feel-good stuff, as you get healthier and happier…life just keeps blossoming right before your eyes…and daily.  Notice even the tiniest of gifts, give gratitude for where you are and know that nothing stays the same.  You will not be in that apartment forever, you will not be at that job for decades.

Every thought you have will make decisions for you and everything you do today will effect tomorrow and the future.  What are you going to build each day?  It all starts with healing the mind.  Your whole future is in your mind.  You have control.  God and the Universe with the Laws of Attraction are just there to support you, to create and serve whatever it is you are dishing up.

Why not start making up new recipes?

Many Blessings!




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