Becoming a Housewife.


What a great memory it is for me, the day I became a housewife.  I think I’m more fond of those memories than my wedding day.  I was working full time in the offices of Living Light Raw Food Culinary School on the coast and it was getting to me.  I had been working outside the home since I could legally work.  I always held two jobs and classes at whatever local college and then on the holidays I would get an extra job.  Mostly I did this to pay off debt, but also to keep busy and stay out of trouble.  Maybe to not be at home with the loneliness.

I have wanted to be a homemaker and mother since I was five or six years old.  I remember quizzing my first-grade teacher’s assistant on childbirth.  How painful was it really?  How long did it take really?  When I was older I couldn’t find holes in my nipples and ran crying to my mother, “How will a nurse my children?”  I wailed.  Strange child yes.  I was building tents and homes, decorating doll houses, throwing tea parties and practicing the art of child rearing with my cats long before I even had a clue.

I truly love making my home into a cozy, charming, and peaceful nest, entertaining guest, gardening…and I’m deeply in love with my sons.  I think that the reason I am still enjoying myself and even more than ever, 6 years laters, is because I just don’t make it complicated.  I see all these housewife blogs and I’m truly amazed.  These women are so creative and busy.  Then there is Pinterest…oh boy, well it can be fun but trying to compare ourselves to all these Goddess’s and Guru’s of homemaking is exhausting.  There is no way to compete…and who would want to.  Everyone always looks far more productive online than in real life, just as everyone’s lives look so perfect on Facebook and may be in shambles and drenched in the blues in real life.

So, let’s get real and learn about ourselves for a moment.  What is most important?  A clean home, having fun, getting an education, having lot’s of play time with the kids…or making your own soap and baking all your own goods?  But wait!  You CAN do it all and live with sanity and joy.  Part of playing is making the homemade stuff and baking your own bread.

Here’s the thing; don’t try to be like any other of those housewives.  Be you and learn to have a ton of fun doing this job.  It is just like a career out in the business world or like owning your own cottage industry.  You are running this house, this family so do it well, efficiently, and be creative.  You are a manager and the boss.  What do managers and bosses do in a business?  They find ways to streamline, to improve production and service.  They find ways to cut cost and manage time.  If they are good bosses they are organized and take good care of the people under them.  If they are smart they also take care of themselves so they don’t burn out.

This is a job ladies and gentlemen!  I have some great books I wrote for all of you to learn how to run your home from A to Z.  All the books are jam-packed with tips and tricks and it is all meant to make life at home easy, fun, cozy, and affordable.  Yes, I talk a lot about getting the finances in order quite a bit because this will create peace and freedom and make it possible for you to keep that home job.

I will also direct you to some websites, books, and documentaries that have made big changes in our family life.

Just follow this link and you will find it all!

Many Blessings and Abundance to you all!!


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