Dream big…then be happy with what is and how to make your life amazing with where you are while you wait.


We all have dreams and some of us may be living them or some of them.  Others just still dream.  I don’t know what all your dreams are or why they aren’t here yet but I do believe strongly that what we desire can come to fruition with our thoughts and a little work in that direction.

I am an author and I have worked hard the past year to write, edit, and publish many books.  Now I have this blog that I started doing daily after reading much advice on blogging and feeling that it was something beneficial.  It has been.  I love doing it and it’s a daily exercise that has stimulated my mind and keeps me in the habit of writing daily.  I have not hit the big time yet or made a small fortune to date.  I keep plodding along.  Fortunately, I love what I do so even if I don’t make a living off it at this time it still brings me joy.  I have found, as of lately, that the more joy I derive and the more I let go of concern for the outcome…the more I see little bits of progress.  I have been really studying the Law of Attraction lately and my books are starting to sell, more and more wonderful fellow writers are joining my on this blog, and my ebooks are being read more each day.  I believe it is because I’m getting out of the way and focusing on the joy of doing then the receiving.

I’m beginning to truly believe that you cannot succeed if you don’t absolutely love what you do.  Any job can become miserable if there isn’t that wind of inspiration behind the sails.  We remain motivated no matter what when there is a deep love in our work.  But sometimes we still have to wait and work for years before we see the treasure at the end of the rainbow.  I read about successful authors all the time that didn’t have a book published by a publisher or make their fortune for the first 6 years, 9 years or more.  Take Amanda Hocking.  She was writing supernatural fiction for years and, for something crazy like 9 years, she had been rejected by all sorts of publishing houses.  She finally self-published on amazon in an attempt to make some money to go to a Muppet show in another state and 20 months later made 2.5 million.

There are many authors out there with similar stories.  It is a story with many plots.  That beautiful home you may desire, a newer car that doesn’t break down, making money working for yourself, being successful in your business, your art, your music, writing, having a family, meeting a soul mate.  Sometimes things happen fairly fast and other times it’s a waiting game.

When studying the art of Manifesting, whether you are Christian or into the more metaphysical; the philosophy is always the same. Set out your desires, prayers, wants, and then let them go.  It is suggested that we move on to other things and find joy in life.  In letting go we are just getting out of the way so that the Universe can do its thing.  By letting go we aren’t focused on “it” not being here yet, which is counterproductive because we are now sending a message to the Universe that “it” is not here and the Universe gives us more of “it” not being here.  It’s a much trickier process than they make it sound.  It’s supposed to be simple, but us humans and our busy minds, our egos, and issues keep much of what we want at arm’s length.  The Universe just reflects back to us what we feel and think.

If we send out a desire and then move on to other things, staying busy and happy and NOT thinking about that desire, then it’s able to come to full fruition because we haven’t stopped the creative process with our thoughts of, “I can’t really have this” or “this won’t really happen”.  Now you just put a halt to it.

My problem is staying out of the way and getting busy doing other things.  In the back of my mind is always the thoughts of “what if, can it really happen, is it really going to happen, and when is it going to unfold?” These thoughts are nonconducive.

I have a medium sized chalkboard near my coffee pot and I write positive phrases on it so when I serve my morning cup I have that reminder.  Right now I have “The Univers knows what I want and it is on the way!”  That is all you have to know and the thinking about it should end there.

How do we go on to enjoy where we are at and get busy doing things that have nothing to do with what we desire?  First of all, I think that some action is wise and beneficial.  Making dream boards and affirmations only help if they make you feel really good, but they can be not so helpful if they just remind you that your stuff isn’t manifest yet.  You’ll have to decide if it works to bring you more into alignment with your desires and making them realities.

Say you want a lovely home and you have stated your desires.  Well, you can do two things in the meantime; save for the home to purchase and be patient.  Make the home you have lovely with some gardening, painting, redecorating, and other home improvements.  Or you can do both.  Bali and I would like to buy our own home.  We are saving our pennies, being more frugal to save more, making our credit sparkle, and whatever else we need to do to improve our circumstances.  In the meantime, I have done all sorts of work inside our current home and outside in the yard to make this place charming, cozy, and happy.  I have done it on a zero budget so I don’t spend the money we are saving.  We love this little home and so we don’t feel panicked or frustrated to move on.  It could be years before we move, so we best enjoy where we are.

If you want a new car you put out that desire and then you also start admiring nice cars, getting an idea of what you would like.  You start saving.  You also clean and maintain the car you have and be grateful that you even have a car.  Don’t focus on anything past that.

You want a better job and to earn more money.  Be clear about your intentions and then start to explore other careers and see what you might have to do to make it happen.  Go back to school, get training online…be in gratitude that you have choices.  Manifesting isn’t all about a thing being set at your door step.  Sometimes our blessings come in all sorts of packages.  If you want a new career you don’t wait for the Universe to bless you, you go out and find paths toward it.  The Universe, or God, will provide all you need to make it happen.  You may inherit some money and can use it to go back to college, you may get a raise and be able to pay off that debt, you may find your dream home and be able to afford it because it needs some work and you just so happen to know a friend that owes you a favor and can help you do the work.

See how it works?  It’s never black and white.  We receive gifts, guidance, and blessings all the time.  We just have to pay attention and not expect things to be served up in a certain or specific way.

In the meantime, learn to be happy.  It’s not that hard.  There is so much out there to be grateful for.  Turn away from the dark and face the light.  It is your choice, my friend.   God has created a world of duality so we may learn and experience it all.  We have the free choice to live in His blessings or in suffering.  Pray and believe.  Practice blind faith.  Joyce says to believe and then receive.  You have to believe before you can receive.

Do what you can to make life fabulous in the meantime and do what you need to be happy.  Go to the beach or library every day, listen to inspiring Gospel daily, read uplifting material…and fill your mind with good stuff.  Watch good and positive movies, learn how to fix your own sink, overcome that bad habit, start a change jar to save money for a vacation, make that dream board if it DOES uplift you, sing, dance, quit that job if you just hate it so much it brings you down, get rid of that boyfriend that treats you like poop on a stick.

There are SO MANY things that you can do to improve your life right where you are and as you wait for the Universe (God) to fill your order.  The biggest thing you can do and must do to improve your life…and it’s completely free and can be done right where you are…is get happy.  You do this in your mind.  You change your mind, clean it out, detox it, get rid of the junk, and fill it up with flowers and chocolate!

If you have no idea how to do this I will suggest a few things.

  • Joyce Meyers has some great books.  One is Battlefield of the Mind.
  • Abraham by Esther Hicks on Youtube on Law of Attraction.
  • The Secret movie.  Netflix
  • The Peaceful Warrior.  I found this free to watch on the internet.
  • Joel Osteen is on TV Sunday mornings and if you have the Christian stations he is on more frequently.
  • Joyce is also on TV frequently.  She is Monday through Friday.
  • Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda and The Journey to Self-Realization by him also.
  • The Complete Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn.
  • The Bible.

You can get some of this at the library, YouTube, TV, or for very little on amazon.

Make yourself anew with study and prayer.  Meditation is incredible in so many ways (and I suck at it).  Start with this and if you are really ready (I’m thinking that you may be if you’re still reading all this) you will immerse yourself in it and see profound and great changes in yourself, your thinking, your life.  Work from the inside out.  The miracles will come fast!

Get right with your mind, bring God into your life and heart, clean up the outside as you clean up the inside.  Watch the good times roll!

Many Blessings!


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