Thoughts on dreamboards.


As I am on an enormous journey of self-improvement and dream fulfillment, I have come to the part in this series where I ask the question, “Do dream boards work” along with all the other mumbo jumbo of affirmations and positive daily readings and cards?

I went back in time when I used to do the dream boards with girlfriends.  Oh, how we would get into all that silliness.  We’d also make lists of our dream man during the new moon, and I’d make lists of affirmations and laminate them to put up on a wall and forget them daily.  I was thinking that all that didn’t really work after all as I looked back on the treacherous years of unfulfilled yearnings.  Then the other night I had this really good dream about life as a school and having fun with it.  When I awoke I suddenly recalled a dream board I had done years and years ago when I lived in a little studio all alone without even a cat or fish as my constant companion.  I could even recall the photos I had put on the board.  Now, I’m not so sure in my feeble memory if I really put all these magazine photos on the board or just clipped them and saved in a packet, however, I remember what they were of.

There was a lot to do with weddings, ring sets, men and women dating, cruise ships, children, farms, gardens…

I have had all of it!  Some of it took years.  Actually, it took years for all these dreams to come into my reality but once they started happening it was within a matter of a year or two that it all happened at once.  I’d say it took a good 7 years before things started happening and I had long ago lost the dream board.  I know some of you may not like hearing that it took so long but there was good reason it took so long for me.   It doesn’t have to take that long for you.

At the time I made the board I was in deep with habits such as drinking a lot on the weekends, smoking pot almost chronically…at least nightly, I was never functional if I smoked during the day.  I smoked cigarettes, ate junk food.  Then I spent all my time planning to quit all my habits and diet.  I was on the hamster wheel constantly with the new diet, the failing of the new diet, the new exercise routine, the failure of that, the new week of sobriety, quitting smoking, the failure of the sobriety once Friday arrived, the failure of not smoking once the end of the day came.

As you can see from that little demonstration…I couldn’t manifest anything but quitting, obsessing, and more doing of my habits because that was ALL that was on my mind.  What you put your attention to grows and blossoms.  There was no room for co-creating a great life full of joy, love, family, and a garden for God’s sake!

Now, one day far off from that time I did get sober and found a spiritual program that worked for me.  Once I combined the two and had them well under my belt…VOILA!  My life took off and all that had once just been dreams in the forms of magazine photos glued to a board became my reality.  They didn’t happen exactly as I dreamt or always as flowery as the fantasy but I did the cruise, I had romance, I married, had the garden wedding, the babies, lived on a farm even.  Yay dream boards!!

So, to celebrate I’ll be making another one today.  I purchased a huge bag of magazines off Craigslist for a couple bucks, a board for .37 cents at Winco and with some old glue and scissors I will shape yet another future for myself and my family.

Good times!




3 thoughts on “Thoughts on dreamboards.

  1. My teenaged self used a large cork board to collage images and quotes that resonated with me or that I wanted to be like. I recently took my last collage apart a few years ago and I too remember the images on it. I have recently come to a cross roads with my career and family life and purchased a passion planner (because I like the amount of space) – I have for many years used a 3×5 moleskin planner – and have started clipping items/images/quotes to help me envision and focus on the changes I want to make and the woman I aspire to become. I look forward to seeing more of your journey.

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    1. I love this! It has inspired me to add even more to the dream board such as quotes and positive affirmations. Thank you. Also, I’m going to see if I can’t get some of those books on your list at the library. So happy you are here to motivate me as well.

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