Trying to stay in the Vortex. Dang it!


Yesterday I awoke after a night of good dreams.  Ever since I hung the dream catchers up I have had really fun dreams.  I wonder if it’s just the belief in them that has created these wonderful nocturnal dreams.  A placebo effect?  Anyway, I wake up at 3:00 AM and I’m irritated that it takes so long for the clock to get to 3:30 AM so I can get up.  That’s when Bali gets up and I can’t get up before him and risk waking the poor man, he gets so little sleep.  Finally, it is a legal hour to rise.  I’m in such a good mood and have so much I want to do that I don’t have time to lounge in bed.

I go on to have a great day and the boys are in great moods also, therefore, we go forth into the day filled with the library, park, shopping, and I make a dream board.

I do have to make one negative observation; I can NOT believe magazines still exist.  At least 85% of them are ads and most of those are fashion that seems kind of bizarre, as in would you really wear some of those outfits to work?  Tons of perfume ads in which is seems all the movie stars are trying to make a magical scent so we won’t forget them when they can no longer get a spot on the big screen (I made myself a little sick rubbing all the strips on myself to try…hey, it’s been a long time since I’ve perused a mag) and then the other half are pharmaceuticals…and you know my love of pharmaceuticals.

Have you ever noticed that an ad for the pill du jour has three pages and two and a half of those pages are just the warnings?  I remember when pills just gave you dry mouth and gave you uncontrollable and loose stools in your pants.  I loved when they advertised pills for social phobias and these were the side effects.  Sure, you’d feel more social and confident…until your lips stuck to your teeth and you had to excuse yourself for blowing out your pants while playing frisbee.

Ok, so that is an example of how I DON’T stay in the Vortex.  I have a running commentary about EVERYTHING under the Sun.  I had chocolate yesterday so the day stayed good…until my son stepped in poop outside because I hadn’t cleaned the yard that day and then Bali came home and he was sort of naggy about me not covering the chicken and flies landing on it…

I stayed in a mood after that, had weird dreams and woke up sort of fine and sort of irritable.  It’s not easy to stay so happy all the time.  It’s a project…it’s a job.  I have to think about what I’m thinking about and yet NOT think.  What?  I have to focus on what I want 17 seconds and then let it go.  Sigh.  I do love this project and I’m damn determined to get happy!  And stay happy!   At the risk of a divorce and my pets and children running off to greener pastures.  I shouldn’t kid like that…not funny.  Cancel, cancel.

Today I’m focused on learning new words.  I heard of a man that learned a new word daily and used it all day.  After a few years, he got some great job as a journalist whereas before they said he was too dumb but now he had this huge vocabulary as an arsenal.  I’m kind of winging it here because I watched this weeks ago and my memory is being sucked out via nursing.  Despite my poor memory of this inspiring story I was inspired.  The words today came from the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin;  disquisition and idiosyncratic.    I will start using these as soon as I look up the first one.

So, how do you stay in the Vortex when you have children and a husband?  It was easier when I just owned a dog.  They support the Vortex wholeheartedly especially if the Vortex leads somewhere on a walk or to a beach.

The answer is…I don’t know but I wake up each day with a mission and a quasi-developed plan.  I know that, eventually, I will be just like Mary Poppins and nothing will ruffle my feathers.  I will fly about with my umbrella and my children will mind oh so well.

Until then I have a stash of chocolate, a tread climber, books, and some hair dye to cover the new gray caused by irritation.  I have the lessons of Abraham on Youtube and I just listen every day until I’m thoroughly brainwashed.  Amen!

Many Blessings to you all.

4 thoughts on “Trying to stay in the Vortex. Dang it!

    1. I don’t and I mentioned you in a blog too but it’s in a post scheduled for next month I think. I have poor memory. I think it had to do with the Happiness Project…which I am immersed in since yesterday and I have Happier at Home waiting at the library. Thanks for the motivation to read new stuff my friend!!! I also made two loaves of bread in your honor. I’ll get to the artisans bread soon.

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