Some inspiring stories on manifesting.


Ah, such an exciting time when you can actually see the harvest begin to come in.  I’m talking about all our wishes and wants beginning to actualize in our reality.  It starts out as a trickle and builds momentum if we stay upbeat and focused on the good and the abundance and NOT the lack or absence.

I’m working hard at mastering the art of working with that God given gift of co-creation with the glorious Universe.  This is not just a new age thing.  Look to the bible and you will see that Jesus tried to enlighten us on our abilities to create heaven or hell on this very earth and in this very life.

Proverbs 18:21 – Death and life [are] in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Our thoughts and words, the feelings in the back of those thoughts are what shape our outside world.  As I grow more positive, as I shut down the ongoing dialogue, as I focus on the good and bright…my life is slowly taking a new shape.  I am being guided daily and I see it because I’m taking notice.

I was thinking over the past 8 years and of all the times I would manifest some really great things.  I need to review these times because lately, it seems I’m not in that stream of co-creation as I used to be.  I have had to ponder this case deeply.  I have come up with the biggest answer being my ongoing commentary.  I was sitting in church yesterday and I became well aware of this constant review and prattling going on.  I didn’t just listen to the great music or really become present with the sermon…no, it was like having a sporting event being broadcast on the radio play by play.  I had judgements and observations on the whole scene.  I kept having to tell myself, “Shut the commentary down!”.

Abraham says that you cannot be a vibrational match to that which you want if you are constantly observing what is.  You cannot be “of this world” and create a new one.

Years ago after my mother passed I stayed on in her home for a year and did some intense healing work.  I did this with the help of a healer and was pretty isolated in the woods for that period.  I worked on getting sober, on my health, allowing myself to cry an unusual amount, self-reflection and soul searching.  At the end of that time, I rose from my dark womb and went forth into the world with zeal.

I received everything I desired, and quickly.  I have too many stories to tell and this would turn into a book but in short, if I wanted a home I got it, if I ask a question to the Universe, it was answered, if I felt the strong desire to move to another town, I was unpacking within a month.  When I decided that I was done being alone and wanted to be a wife I was married within the year.  I even set my sites on a puppy being neglected in someone’s yard and within days the owners handed the dog over the fence to me (they may have gotten tired of my stalking their yard).  When I wanted a baby, I was pregnant 4 months later.  I even received guidance as to how to get pregnant from a conversation I overheard.

I receive guidance all the time from books, conversations, a song on the radio, a movie.

I was open to the goodness of life and I was happy.  The karma with my mother had been healed, forgiveness had freed me to blossom.  My thoughts were focused and pleasurable.

So what happened?  I had a child and went into another Vortex that was filled with worry and darkness.  I began worrying about the world, other children, the future.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and Google articles on Global Warming and all kinds of unpleasant things.  I filled my mind with global misery.

I was still able to manifest though, but it is not as fast or fabulous.  That is why I’m completely focused on clearing, detoxing, and redecorating my mind.  I am fervently working on my thoughts, my feelings, and my surroundings.  I am rebuilding from the inside out to reconstruct a world that is thriving for me and my family.

And I’m starting to see the results.  Small moments but it is like Florence Scovel Shinn describes as, “the stick in the sea before you see land”.  As you begin to manifest you may see hints of what you are creating.  Just as Columbus saw twigs in the sea before he actually saw land.  You may wish for a baby and for months you may even think you are pregnant because your body is giving you symptoms.  The process is building in momentum.  Or say you want to move to a new area.  You may get some pulls to check out some neighborhoods, but nothing works out.  However, you discover a neighborhood you love and want to live in that you would have never found had that house not been on sale.  You don’t get that house, but you get a better one in the area later on.  There are always signs that things are being built and created behind the scenes.

Yesterday, as I sat in this new church that I’m giving a try, I kept thinking, “I need a new bible”.  Then a few minutes later a woman was walking around down below holding up a book with more in her arms.  I ask the lady next to me if that was a bible and she replied that it was and I could actually keep it.  Yee Haw!  I got myself a new bible.  Later, when I returned home I was nursing my littlest and I was so hungry.  I realized that I would have to cook something up and it would take some time.  I was super hungry now.  Just then my neighbor called and said she had all these organic pre hard boiled eggs if I wanted some.   Can I get another AMEN!  I had an instant snack.

Oh, this may sound silly to some of you, however, I know that this means that I’m in the Vortex and the flow has begun.  And this is only the beginning!

Many Blessings!


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