Making do with what we have.



I am loving all these books on how to live simply and not spend money.  I just ordered a book called Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes and The More of Less by Joshua Becker.  I really wanted the You Can Buy Happiness and It’s Cheap…but I can’t get it at the library in book form yet.  I’m on a mission to not spend money and that means that when I want a  book I have to get it at the library or forget it.

I also saw a book about someone who gave almost everything away and improved his life, then there was a book about somebody not spending for a year!  Wowee zowee!  I’m not inspired enough for such victory.  Now, I have given away a LOT, LOT of stuff.  We have downsized from a big house with two living rooms, double car garage, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and lot’s of front and back yard…alllll the way down to 860 square feet and one bathroom between 4 of us.  I gave away almost a whole house to a Hispanic family living on the farm next door, along with lot’s of kids climbers and outdoor toys.  I felt great about it.  I’m still getting rid of things.  I just give boxes and bags away monthly.  I’m actually at the end now.  Maybe one more go through on my clothes.

Here’s the thing; I love to shop, I can think up things that I just have to have at the drop of a hat but I think about all the stuff I’ve given away and the purchases we have made as a family over the years, both big and small, and I have to be honest with myself in that we really didn’t need any of it and we could have saved thousands upon thousands.  All the truck loads of baby furniture and toys, climbers, cribs…didn’t use much of it, didn’t need it at all.  The new couch and desk…the old one was just fine.  All the clothes I purchased just to give right back to the GoodWill.

I’m on a quest to use what I have and not spend a dime unless I really have thought it out.  For example; I was noticing the poor upkeep of my hooves.  I would love to get a professional foot pedicure but that is not the frugal way.  I have only an old pumice and some toe polish.  So, I rigged up a pedicure station with a large crock pot and towel, a pair of small scissors, dish soap and my old pumice and paint.  I put hot water and soap in the crock pot and soaked the old tootsies.  I used the small scissors to scrape and shape the toe nails.  I scrubbed the bejesus out of my calloused heels and painted away and then ended with some lotion and love!  My feet look fantastic and it was all free.  Even the boys had fun.  My carpet is soaked and I’m sure Sammy peed in the crock pot when he climbed into it to have his own mini bath but it got the job done and provided and evening activity for all of us.  Priceless.

Ah, family Friday night fun.



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