How I am dealing with the election and let’s talk politics for a moment.




I shared a marvelous, educated, and deeply thought out post from the other day.  In a way, out of total laziness, I borrowed her homework.  I did vote.  I brilliantly registered here in Sacramento and ask for absentee ballots.  I know that with my husband’s work schedule and my kids I will not be making it to a voting booth.  So, I have already voted, done my part people.  Other than that, I refuse to watch this madness as I refuse to watch the news, politics, environmental issues, or anything outside my happy place.  Yes, I know what the hell is going on!  I would just rather not write, speak, nor acknowledge it on a regular basis.

Oh wait, I did watch the debates….on Saturday Night Live!!!  Oh, and how I laughed.  I’ve seen a scrap of news and the nominees to know what to laugh at.  I’m still laughing today while others are getting their panties in a twist.  I also watch that other guy with the glasses and the English accent because he makes fun of everyone.

Does this make me an ignorant twit?  No, I have cried for the world for years.  I have scanned the internet for hours in the middle of the night looking for hope.  I have made myself ill to the very marrow of my soul.  I was raised by a liberalist, feminist rule breaker, I have married multi-culturally and my mother married inner racially when it was not only NOT cool but dangerous.  I come from trouble makers, attorneys for the poor and beaten down, the political shaker uppers.  I know that world.  And I’m done!  I want peace, joy, gut laughter.  If I get involved with politics it will only be to point and laugh…or march sometimes if it looks dramatic and fun enough (especially if there’s movie music in the background).

I have children now and even the issues in The Lion Gaurd or Princes Sophia the First can get me stressed out.  I live in Disney now bitches!  I ain’t going to go on heart medication because people are so crazy that I’m pretty sure God is going to drown us again.  Oh, if I only knew how to build a boat!

Look, I’m doing my part.  I recycle, reuse, compost everything possible.  I walk everywhere to save the air.  I rescue dogs and cats…so much so that my husband gets nervous if there is a dog loose in the road and I see it.  He will say, “Oh lord, does this mean we have another dog?”.  I freak out when people cut down trees and will actually go over and ask them if there is a valid reason.  My son is right there environmentally.  When he sees people cleaning up the lawns or garbage outside he will holler out the window of the car, “thanks for taking care of nature!”.  We care and we do our part.  I even write stuff to inspire others to go green and think about where their dollars go.  I support good causes.  I buy organics to support farmers and workers.

But I refuse to be of this world and its madness.  I am working on being happy and in the Vortex so I can keep making life more mystical and magical.  I trust that in the end, we will all live happily ever after.  The ring will get back to the Hobbit and the darkness will be banished to another Universe where they can all work out their karma far, far, far away from us light workers.

I love all that sparkles and the smell of brewing coffee and new babies.  I nurture my family and I have to be happy for my children to thrive.  A miserable mother and wife don’t exactly motivate their families to become great humans and leaders…right?

So, enjoy all the wackos in this debate and take your blood pressure pills, see your therapist and tell them you don’t understand why you’re so depressed then go home and put on CNN and pour a stiff one.  That outta fix things.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “How I am dealing with the election and let’s talk politics for a moment.

  1. I’m going to read this whenever I get stressed out about politics! Some much-needed perspective! Thank you so much for your warmth and wit.


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