November 8th. A big night in history.


As I write this it is only 5:01 pm on the election night.  We have no idea who will be the President tomorrow.  So far it’s not in the favor of Hilary but I guess we are just getting warmed up.

I don’t watch TV news, I don’t use a cell phone, I can’t stand FaceBook…and I just can’t help but watch this train wreck.  This is one of the best on the edge of  your seat thrillers I’ve seen in a long time and I’ll be able to watch it with the boys because I know there won’t be any nude scenes or language…so far.

I decided to watch the world tonight so I hurried and scurried and scrubbed the house, tidied up, threw a casserole in the oven, and popped up two huge bowls of popcorn.  I have decided to sit back and have some fun.  Why not?  Can’t stop it now right?  I did my part, I have an absentee ballot and voted weeks ago.

This is history, it’s exciting.  There will be a lot of emotion tomorrow.  Some will celebrate and others will cry.

I am sitting at my table looking out the window and I can see some of my neighbors windows open in the twilight hours.  TV’s are lite up with CNN and Fox, MSNBC, and the local news.  Everyone is watching the event and it is something that I just can’t miss.

I will not say who I voted for.  The person I really adored has dropped out.  I am neither Republican nor Democratic.  I am for Mother Earth, God, Family, less poverty and drugs and clean water, soil, and air.  I am for the sustainable movement, for taking amazing care of our military (they do risk and lose their lives for us after all), I’m not for other countries owning parts of America, I’m obviously for immigrants being that I’m married to one….I’m eclectic and I waiver with my hormones.

However, whoever wins the white house tonight…well, I’m just real curious as to how they are going to go about things for the next 4 years and I pray that they don’t cause irreversible damage.  But I believe in God and that all things are in his hands and all things are for the good in the end.  Even if it doesn’t seem as such at the time.

Relax, get your popcorn and enjoy the show.  It’s already done.  Take it for the adventure it is.

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