A new day and a new President.


So, today is a very strange day for some and a victorious day for others.  Some will be filled with hope and others will be looking to move out of the country.  By the way, the Canadian immigration site crashed last night if that gives us some insight on how some are coping with this surprising turn of events.

I told you it would be an edge of your seat thriller.

I won’t be sharing my preference here for all to read.  Oh no, not going to engage in the craziness.  I just want to say to those that are upset this morning…have faith.

First off, a president can only do so many things in his term.  There is a whole group he has to answer to, get things cleared with, and have the support.  It’s not like this new President will be able to recreate the world overnight.  He will be lucky to get two things checked off his list in the next 4 years.

Next, life is a drama.  We are all here to grow, learn, expand, become enlightened.  Let’s just watch it like a movie and see how it all turns out.  Let’s have faith that there is a huge, wise, and all knowing, all powerful Source behind all things and that we will be kept from completely destroying ourselves or the planet.

We as a human race are beginning to awaken and reach for enlightenment even if it doesn’t appear as so.  Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn.

No matter how this appears to some, this whole event may be necessary for our evolution or enlightenment.  This may be the wake-up call…or maybe this person will surprise us?!  You never know.

I am actually curious to see what happens.  I am curious to see what this new President actually does with all that talk.  Why be afraid, why run around waving our arms?  Don’t be so silly.  It’s just a human who is going to try and run a very complicated and messy government.  Get your popcorn machine back out.

As for environmental issues and immigration…I think that the people globally want peace and the welfare of the Earth over all other things and we will prevail.  If we have to we will just do it ourselves.  I believe that most of us have given up on this government already.

So, have no fear.  We may be surprised in a good way…or not.  Either way, it is all for the higher good in the end.

Paramahansa Yogananda described life on this Earth as a drama unfolding, that we should not take it so seriously.  He also foresaw that the Earth and all of us would not be destroyed.  We have millions of years yet for our growth and reincarnation.  This gave me comfort.

Have your coffee today and be rest assured that a Higher Power is at the wheel.

12 thoughts on “A new day and a new President.

  1. Growing up in the same area of the Country as Donald Trump I know that the way he speaks can be scary for other’s who do not understand. Don’t take his personality to heart. I know he has a very good heart and is a very kind man. I know that there are so many issues that people believe in and are afraid that this new President wants to change many of these things. I don’t believe this is true and hold dear to the fact that everything is going to be OK.

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    1. Oh, I agree with you. I wasn’t crazy about Hillary, I really liked Bernie but felt he may be too kind. I have a very complex view of the world and I don’t know that it is always all that compassionate. It’s bizarre you just wrote this as I was just washing dishes and pondering this Donald. The thought I had was, “I think he talks far worse than what’s actually in his heart.” He makes horrible impressions, yet I think there might be something different inside. I am not worried about him or the future. If you read the Nov 8 blog you will see that I just popped up some popcorn and enjoyed the show. There are some really freaked out women and immigrants though and we must understand why.

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      1. Yes, many are striking out in anger and even violence here in Portland Oregon. There were over 2000 people marching and blocking traffic on roads and highways screaming obscenities last night. I believe that most people are as nice as they like to portray themselves to be while deep inside something is eating away at them and strike out at times. I try to say what’s on my mind even if it’s not so politically correct at times. There is a fine balance to everything here in the universe and what builds up inside of us will eventually come out like a storm blazing across the sky. Most people understand my personality when I say things that are off key and also understand that nothing I say is personal while at other times the spirit moves me to express love, kindness and joy.
        I often wonder how I would be treated by another company if I were to sneak across their border. I know many people who are not legal and they are wonderful people and I have also seen some pretty horrible things done to women by immigrant men and they are taking up room in our State and Federal Prisons.


      2. That’s too bad. I’ll be living in Disney world for a long time and staying away from the news for a looonnngg time. As for immigrants…I have no patience for drug dealers or addicts. But let us not forget that many immigrants are good, hardworking people that are just trying to survive and feed their families. There country is corrupt and doesn’t care for them and you would skip the border to feed your children as well. Let us not forget that all our farms and harvest are done mostly by these immigrants and without them our food would rote as Americans don’t want to work that hard for so little. I’m also concerned about Donald and the environment as he doesn’t think taking care of the planet is rational. This is all we have and if we mess it up we won’t need money…we will starve to death.

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      3. I’m just thinking that Donald is all bark and not so much bite. I do agree with some of his stuff. He exposed many people and that was good. He has a history of creating empires…and filing bankruptcy. He has a history of thriving in hard times and losing in too. It will be fascinating to see what he does.

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