How to create an enchanting life at home.


How do we create a life that is enchanting?  A home that is charming?  How do we do it when we are limited on funds?  How do we make life more fun, more interesting so that we enjoy our limited time here?

I have been a homemaker and mother of two little people for 5 years now and I know that it can become mundane, the same thing every day with a couple new items thrown in here and there.  I am one of those women that enjoys change and all that is new.  I also like community and stability.  I have found a way to combine the two.  I have created and recreated my home and days anew frequently with very little cost.

Here are some ideas that may inspire you.  They may seem simplistic but they can make a huge difference:

  • Make your home, apartment, studio, even a rented room as charming as possible.  Make this space all you…or all you and your family.  Do accent walls in great colors, have tons of lush plants, enlarged photos of things that make you smile from your heart.  Surround yourself and family with beauty and things you all love.  Overstuffed chairs, bright and colorful area rugs, candles, shelves full of great books.
  • Get rid of the cable.  An antenna can be easily and cheaply purchased and installed.  They have HDTV antennas that stick to the wall inside.  Local channels are filled with old movies and westerns minus the junky infomercials and reality shows.  Reduce the time you watch and only watch charming, funny, and clean movies.  Everything we see and hear affects our mindset and moods.  Violent movies make for aggressive moods, depressing movies make for the blues.
  • Listen to more music, less computer.  Turn off the computer and turn on the radio or switch Pandora on and fill the house with good rhythm.
  • Get stacks of books from the library.  There is nothing like looking forward to a book on your lunch break or when you get home at night.
  • Find a grocery store that you absolutely love and only shop there from now on.  Do this with all shopping be it clothes or food, even a mechanic shop.  Find local shops that you enjoy and you get to know the people who work there and own the shop.  It creates that community feel.
  • Shop outdoors.  Try to do most of your shopping at the Farmers Market weekly.  It is very European.
  • Recreate a wardrobe you love and makes you look and feel great!  You can go to thrift stores in wealthy areas and get some fabulous name brand clothes for dollars.
  • Bake your own bread and cook from scratch.  This is much easier than you might think.  There are many one pot wonders that are so fast and easy.  Cooking from home and baking on the weekends gives the house a truly cozy, homey, warm feel.  It is also creative.
  • Plant a garden out back.  Great therapy and lots of organic food for cheap.  Plant flowers that feed the bees, dragonflies and put up bird feeders and waterers, maybe even bird houses.  Hang chimes from the eaves and decorative flags by the door.  Plant big pots of flowers on your steps and by the front door.  Make your home a charming garden home.
  • Have dinner parties and coffee get-togethers.  Make any excuse to have others over for lunches, coffee and scones, potlucks if you’re tight on cash.
  • Send hand written notes, letters and photos to family and friends.  We’ve gotten lazy with Facebook but nothing touches our hearts than a hand written letter with some family photos we can put on the frig.

Make your life beautiful and more beauty will follow.


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