The fun in blogging and blogging ettiquete.


I started my writing career seriously in August 2015.  I had written a couple books years previously without hope of publishing because I knew nothing about self-publishing or that there was this fantastic world out there where any monkey could publish, market, and promote their books, novelettes, or novellas.  There are no limits or steadfast laws anymore.  And all of it can be for free or very little!  You can be dirt poor on the streets and, if you have a laptop and cafe with WIFI…you’re in!  Your destiny is all up to you.

When my friend suggested I start a blog to promote my books, I replied, “I would never!  When the heck would I have time for that too?”  I am raising two humans and running a house.  The book writing, editing, and publishing takes up time and, furthermore, everyone and their grandma blogs right?

Well, according to a few popular bloggers, most blogs only survive a few months.  Today I have far surpassed that.  Turns out that I love blogging…almost too much.  I’ve been at it far past the drop out schedule and I don’t see an end in sight.

Blogging is a great way to hone the writing skills, find your personality in the art of writing, meet new friends around the world, promote your novels, or in my case, novellas and short motivational books.  I love nothing more than sitting at my kitchen table with my laptop, a big candle glowing in the early dawn, my steaming coffee, the sun rising before me, and writing up a blog made up of advice I love giving and thoughts I have that I have no one in my physical life to share with.  None of my friends want advice on budgeting and hanging a clothes line in their back yard, however, many people out in the world do. I have also found that the life of a writer can be isolated and lonely.  Enter stage left blogging!  Here come the new friends from around the world with similar interest and great advice.  As a matter of topic, here is a link to a wonderful blog site and a write up on blogging and blogging ettiquete for the newbie;

My unsolicited advice to beginning bloggers

This a great blog for learning the foundations of what to do and not to do.  Enjoy.

As for my personal advice, I will just say this;  if you love to write and you feel as though you are filled with good stuff to say and share then go for it!  Be yourself, have fun with it, do it for you and not for money or success because we never know if that will be on the menu, however, when we write from the heart and about what we know…some form of success does follow.

Here is some of my simple advice on how to get started and have good results:

  • WordPress is the best site I’ve found so far.  You can upgrade to Premium and only pay $99 a year.  It’s worth it as you will be able to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, and others.  I had blogged years ago without any success because I had no clue about “sharing”.
  • Create a nice site that is easy to navigate and not too busy.  Readers get confused and give up.
  • Write what you know and love.  Don’t copy anyone.  Borrriing!
  • Read the link above for more advice.
  • Educate yourself and make friends.  Take an interest in other blogs and invest in those who interest you.  You will make friends that will support you and create a social circle online.
  • If you are really serious and enjoy blogging, consider blogging a few days a week to daily.  Stick with it, though.  Don’t be moody and quit after a year of small traffic.  It can take years to build a fan base.  As the above article says, “slow and steady wins the race.
  • Blogging is a great way to promote your work.  Just don’t hammer people constantly.  Offer something of yourself.  For example; I write fiction and motivational books.  I give away books monthly but I also give free advice daily and I discuss a large garden salad variety of topics.  My big objective is to help others have better, easier lives.  My blogging has become much less about advertising than about sharing and having a good chit chat.
  • Take blogging seriously.  It could turn into a career.  It may introduce you to that one person that helps your books or art take off.
  • Find a time that you love writing.  I love the early mornings with my coffee.  It is like having a fun conversation with a friend each day.

There is plenty of much better advice out there in regards to SEO and Google analytics.  I am just learning myself.  It seems that the more you connect to other outlets and use great tags, the more traffic you will get.

So, brew that coffee and get to work you bloggers!  And when you start investigating other blogs and advice, you will see that it takes time…lots and lots of time, so don’t be disheartened easily.  Keep on writing!

12 thoughts on “The fun in blogging and blogging ettiquete.

  1. Great post. I am not even sure ‘why’ I write (my blog’s purpose) or who my audience is. I am still in the discovery prosses of finding who I am as a writer. Still trying to get to that honest place and forget the fear (fear of my own judgement). This was a good reminder to just enjoy the process and write what you feel and know. Thanks for inspiration today.

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    1. I am so glad that it served its purpose and just know that we all feel that way. I almost started going by a pen name for my books so I could be more free. It’s not that I write anything risky but I get selfconscious and don’t want anyone to know who I really am if they don’t like the work. Blogging is a great way to get to know yourself and become a great writer. You have talent, keep going.

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      1. You know, it gets easier all the time. I care less and less and I have great support from new friends such as you. I remember in the beginning I was SO intimidated and I’d would read other blogs and authors and feel like I could never dine at the same table, so to speak. Then I stopped caring. I get a twitch now and then…but when I motivate someone it’s all worth it. I truly believe that if we really love doing something that success is inevitable, it’s just a matter of time. And are you finding your stride? Are you getting closer to finding your dream? I’m eager to follow your journey that is the fun part, seeing others blossom.


  2. This was a lovely post! I was smiling all the way through reading it 🙂 It is refreshing to hear heartfelt words, and you convey your feelings so eloquently! Thank you also for your truly kind words. Keep up the great posts, and we’ll keep up your fan base 😉

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