A few steps to becoming an amazingly good writer.


Happy Monday!  Thanks Giving is right around the corner and I just can’t wait.  I love all that stuffing and gravy.  I could care less about the bird.  It’s the stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes.  All those carbs!!  And this year desert will NOT be those dry apple pies and boring old pumpkin pies (sorry if I’ve offended anyone).  No, this year will be the marvelous…the delicious…the fantastic pumpkin cheesecake from Costco.  Damn, that thing is good.  I will gorge on this desert after gorging on carbs and then, the next morning I will return to my drab life of low carbs and no sugar.  Blah.

But this isn’t about Thanksgiving, is it?!

This weekend I’ve done some personal pondering in regards to becoming a fictional writer…well,  being an author period.  I write a hodge podge of things; mostly homemaking and frugal living advice but I also write about building a spiritual life, about sobriety…and fiction.

The books I thought would sell like hotcakes have withered on the vine and the one book that I wrote, edited, and published in something crazy like 10 hours IS selling like hotcakes!  The reader is a finicky creature and I am so picky and finicky myself as a reader that I just don’t know what the hell to do or write or how to write sometimes.

My first fictional book was crap.  I got a star and two stars.  I was so excited that someone even took the time to give me the two stars, this book was my very first attempt ever at telling a story.  It sucked and I should take it off amazon but I’m proud of my attempt and it’s my first child.  The second book did very well.  I received 3 and 4 stars on Goodreads.  It was a novella and it was well read.  The next two books I couldn’t even give away, literally.   I think they’re good, especially the last one.  I like it because it’s clever and magical.  Sigh.  Oh well.  So what do I do?

I just wrote a book recently but when I read it yesterday I was disgusted and threw it out.  What’s happened?  I’m tired of writing about baking from scratch, pinching pennies, and homemade household cleaners.  I’m bored with being a house frau.  I want fiction, I want stories, I want to get lost in the magical and mystical world of make believe.  It’s time.  I’ve shared all the advice I have on budgeting, cleaning, and the joys of homemaking.  I want to leave my mop and bucket now and go into the forest of pretending.

Then I had a dream last night.  I was sitting there dressing and putting on makeup.  As I did I was immersed in developing a fictional romance.  I thought up the whole story and character names.  Then I woke up.  I knew exactly what to do.  I had the answers.

I have been categorized as the lady of the home and thrift in my writings and blogging.  It seems that when I put anything out there that is not in this realm it is not taken seriously.  I may also have a bad reputation from my earlier attempt at fiction.  How to break this cycle?  A pen name!  I had thought of this before but it was more to try some writing of smut because that seems to sell so well.  I didn’t want to shame my family or myself.  I did drop this idea.  If you are ashamed to write crappy smut then it’s best not to do it…I’m just being rational now.  Besides, after some research this weekend, I can see the market is saturated with junky, trashy smut.

I love this idea.  If you go by a pen name you can actually relax.  You can let go of worrying about what anyone thinks.  Many successful writers go by pen names.  J. K. Rowling the writer of Harry Potter series (like I really need to mention that), the Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James (not her real name).  There are more but we won’t go into all that.  I believe that it gives you a sense of freedom.  You get to play the character of this author.  It’s like the shy, dull actress that blossoms under the shelter of her character on stage.  You let go of the insecurity, the fear of rejection…who cares?  If you fail, you don’t have to ever reveal that it was you.  Image what you can do with no more fear or self-consciousness?  Hot Damn!

I also read a blog that I will share the link at the bottom. This author talked about writers that are set in certain categories such as homemaking, financing, business advice.  They then try to write fiction and people just don’t see them as this fictional writer and may not give them a chance.  A different pen name for a different genre.

Another thing that I had to realize is that, although many authors suggest you read, read, read other authors, this doesn’t always work out.  I have been reading piles of books from all sorts of authors and genres.  The good side of it is that I’m learning new words and getting some ideas on plots and rhythms.  The bad side is that I sometimes start writing like the last author I read.  Not purposely, but we absorb a voice and personality.  We are porous and moldable.  You don’t want that.  I am also wasting time.  This reading is taking time from my creating and my family.  If it’s a good book, that’s swell, however, I’ve been trying all the popular mainstream authors.  I won’t mention names but I’m not impressed.  It also causes competition and insecurity.  Why not just stay in your cubicle and focus on your manual.  Who gives a hoot what Jim Bob is writing or why he made the New York Times Best Sellers List.  By the way, EVERYONE that sells a book makes this list.  It means nothing to me anymore.  This list is like a loose floozy sleeping with anyone that will lay down.

What was the other revelation?  Poor memory of mine.  I’ve been locked in my cave with sick children for over a week.  I’m truly in my own world now.  Oh yes, transformation!

I am thinking that if you are to write in certain genres then why not immerse yourself in that world.  Read the books…but only the really good books (maybe a couple cheap ones just to get an idea of what NOT to do).  The old classics are great for stimulating a forgotten vocabulary before texting and ebonics.   Watch movies, think it, live it…become it.  You’ll have to figure that part out.  I have some ideas for transforming myself, however, I want to transform myself into a new author.  I have been this way for a long time and now I’m bored and want to become THAT way!  More on that later as I evolve.

My blog is my fun place, my happy place.  This is where I chat up a storm and sometimes motivate a person or two.  I can talk about everything and anything but the blog is really a self-help, advice blog I do to inspire homemakers and writers…and sober people, lost souls…

Now I’m going to have an alter ego!  Is that creepy?  It seems fun to me.  This is where the music starts up and there is a montage of me recreating myself, busy at the typewriter, working out on the tread climber, becoming famous.  Then my husband will become the housewife.  I always wanted a housewife!  Oh, he just informed me he’ll cut his hours but wants to keep his work.  Oh well.

So, ladies and gentlemen, start dreaming!  Dream big, change your name, transform yourself, take the risk.  What do we have to lose?

Here is the blog on pen names:

How to choose the PERFECT author pen name: and when you should!


4 thoughts on “A few steps to becoming an amazingly good writer.

  1. I think you should create under a pen name and go for it! Being ‘type cast’ as a specific kind of writer, actor, artist is real. A pen name does give you freedom, if at least mentally speaking. You should have 2 blogs 🙂 Start your second one as a fiction writing blog with your pen name. 🙂

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    1. Oh lord! I don’t have time or energy for that. But I have chosen a pen name and started a fictional romance (which I said I wouldn’t do). It is freeing already! I love the story that is coming from the new author 😉 But the extra blog…no. I love this one and all of you and I can’t do another.

      Liked by 1 person

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