How to transform yourself at any age.


You wake up one day…or maybe you’ve been reawakening for a long time and you are ready for something new.  This is an exciting time.  Especially, if you have an idea of what it is you would like to do with yourself.

We change so much and so many times from birth to death.  If we allow our imagination and creativity to flow we can reinvent ourselves over and over and over.  Think about how different you were at 20 years old, 30 years, and so on.  We go through immense shifts every decade.  Look back, look at photos.  You may look the same but can you remember how you went about life, how you thought about issues, what you were doing at each stage?

Remember when we were going through our youth and teenage years?  We would experiment with this outfit, that eye shadow, talking like this, and trying new walks, new expressions, new music.  It was fun!

I’m 46 now and still a new mother and homemaker.  I love this role that I took on 5 years ago.  Now I’m an author and blogger…another new role and I am really having a great time with that too.

I have made the decision to do some other little transformations after a dream I had the other night.  I’ve been playing the part of domestic and frugal mother with a blog and a collection of pocket-sized self-help and motivational books in her collections of writings.  I find that now that I’m trying fiction it’s not happening for me.

I got my answer the other day.  I woke up with the clear knowing that I must make up a pen name for the fiction and be a whole other author for that.  It even goes as far as thinking and being a bit different.  I am not going to be so transformed that my children will cry out for their old mama.  No, however, I have decided to do some great improvements and upgrades on this little lady.  If you want to succeed at anything in life you must immerse yourself and become that thing.  Think about the Olympian champions, the famous actors, successful artist, business owners.  These people really, really get into their craft.  They live it, breath it, become it.  We don’t have to go too crazy but you get what I’m saying.

I want to be a successful author, not just a motivating self-help writer of domestic bliss, home charm, and thrifty budgets.  There is another women here that loves the daydreamy, fantasy world of literature and film.  I love the world of make believe.  So, I must become that woman.  I have some ideas…

I like to use my husband as an example of the success that comes from just a belief and some drive.  This is an odd example but some of you will get it.

Bali was given a little run down gas station to manage at the edge of the old part of town and off the main road.  He couldn’t get a liquor license, he couldn’t get lottery because his bosses credit is a shambles.  He couldn’t even get EBT (when stores accept food stamps) and that was really bad because this is a poor area.  So, all the things that make a gas station sell a lot of goods and thrive…he didn’t have.  His location sucked and the store was a wreck.  His boss even painted the store a hideous dark charcoal gray with bright yellow and blue trim.  It was almost as though this place was set up with the utmost detail to fail.

I’ve taught Bali a thing or two about beautifying a place and creating ambiance.  He actually listened.  He planted huge wine barrels of pink and purple geraniums all around the gas station and it actually looked good with the gray.  He cleaned it all up inside and out and filled the store up with shelves to hide the walls.  He created a little market since he couldn’t carry booze and lottery.  He made it into a little grocery store.  He even hung chimes and has big, lush plants inside.  He brews lot’s of good coffee, plays great music, and plugged in some air fresheners.  His place is adorable, clean, cozy, and fun and he is very friendly, always giving away coffee and chatting up the customers, showing interest in them.

The result?  He is thriving.  He worked with what he had and made it amazing.  People love, love his gas station.  They comment (especially women) on how clean and charming it is.  They sway and hum to the music while standing in line and they enjoy gossiping with Bali.  He is now a part of the community, people go a little out of their way to come to his store, and he is making a great profit.

Transformation and re creation.  Imagination, creativity, working with what you have and making it great.  Nothing is holding you back but you.  Nothing can hold you back if you put all the love and elbow grease into it.  So, brew that coffee, put on some music and let’s build some dreams!


One thought on “How to transform yourself at any age.

  1. I love this example! I think people struggle with just getting started! That’s the hard part. Half the battle is deciding to DO it and the second is KNOWIng what to do first. 🙂 More to ponder….

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