Becoming your own superhero.


There was a famous study done with emotions and water crystals conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto.  He captured the images of water with certain words and music spoke or played over it.  The water crystals would take on beautiful shapes with the lovely words and music.  Hateful and angry words would produce ugly, misshapen water crystals.

Many people have done similar experiments with rice, apples and such.  The apple or rice spoke to with love would preserve itself for days and weeks.  The apple or rice spoke over it with hate and anger would mold and rot immediately.

This is why they say that words are more harmful than physical abuse.  It often can’t be seen but it’s there rotting the individual from inside out.

I was not physically abused, however, I was abused verbally and daily.  Imagine the words being spoken over me every day.  It showed after a while.  I got fat, horrible acne, my spine was fine in early youth but became deformed over the years.  In my early childhood I was adored, then I grew older and more independent and my mother lost her sanity.  I was a lovely child, perfect body, skin, hair, very pretty.  As the abuse grew, I became more and more unattractive.  I also started abusing myself with my thoughts and taking up drinking and chronic pot smoking.

I am happy to report that today I have been sober for around 8 years and have turned myself inside out to heal, repair, detox, and cleanse the abuse that was stored in all my cells.  I also have been graced and blessed by a husband that is kind and patient, never speaking a word that would be unpleasant and I have two boys that are deeply in love with their mother.  In the bible, it says that God gives back 10 fold of what the locust will take.  I have the extreme opposite of what my childhood took away.

As time goes on and I learn to be more loving to myself in my mind, my body grows healthier, my softness and prettiness are slowly returning.  I may even one day lose all the weight I gained in the most abusive years.  I know that I won’t let go of my shield until I really have completed the brainwash.

Yes, I call it healthy  brainwashing or rewiring of the brain.  It is when you clear it all out by stopping all the old thinking…and that takes a lot of days, weeks, and months, and replacing it with new thinking.  You also have to completely change what you watch, read, and listen too.

For example; I don’t watch the news, read news, talk news.  I only watch, read, and listen to stories, movies, and novels that are upbeat, positive, wholesome, have a great message or are spiritually based.  I work on flipping all my negative thoughts to positive thoughts.  I work on thinking power thoughts about myself.

I have had to become my greatest advocate and heroine.  I wanted someone to come save me, that didn’t happen until I saved myself and then I started attracting others that supported this.  I also, first, had to get sober and overcome my habits and addictions that were keeping me sedated enough to continue on a losing streak.  One must wake up to start the work.  You can’t continue being sedated.

I am now the preserved rice with loving words and light over it.  We have to speak the words and think the thoughts first.  Others will come later and add to that sweet soup.




5 thoughts on “Becoming your own superhero.

  1. Wow, very honest post. It is hard to figure out how to be your own superhero when you come from dysfunction. I grew up with a mother who was an addict (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sex/love). I had to go through my own struggles, therapy, and ACOA to break the family denial. It has been a painful process and no one can fix it or make it better for me. Once I stopped being the victim and understanding my personal responsibility, things really started turning aroud. 🙂

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      1. That’s why I feel like my daughter is the ultimate gift life has given me. ❤ I get to heal some of my trauma by giving her the attention and love I never had.


      2. Exactly! I feel I’ve done a lot of healing through my boys and I get to sort of live a childhood through them that I had wanted. That is why I love to play with them and do all kinds of things I missed out on. I’m also shifting a huge family pattern.

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