Creating your home as a sanctuary and for very little…or free.


Our homes should be our families sanctuary.  Each day we go out into the world to shop, play, go to school, work, and other activities.  If we have a good mindset, meaning our minds are fairly positive, our vibration we exude is a happy one…we will have a good day out there in the wild.  But the world is busy and some of us live in cities that are thick with the webs of millions of people’s thoughts, energies, their stuff that exudes from their very beings without awareness.  When there is big trouble in the world, everyone feels it on some level.  We are all connected all around the world.  We are inundated with each other’s energies.

Where do we find some peace?  In the forest, at the beach, in an open field, even a Church or temple on a quiet day can offer solace.  The next place and, actually, the first place would be your home.  This is where you live all the other times you aren’t running about or at the office.  If you are a housewife or househusband you are really living at home.  This is where you work all day, this is your office, your world.  Your children are home all the time and if they homeschool it is their place of education.

I am a housewife…I prefer homemaker because that is exactly what I do…I create a home.  I live here most of the day with my little boys and I work, educate, cook, plan our lives, do administrative work, build my writing career, tend to little humans, and I even do all my spiritual practices here.  My dear husband is out there working in the mainstream, working long, hard hours managing and growing a business.  When he comes home he needs peace, love, support, and good food.

Our homes need to be charming, cozy, clean, tidy, and, above all, peaceful and loving.  We should be proud to have people stop by, have a guest come visit.  We should be hospitable and make our homes so enticing that when others come over they are in no hurry to leave.  I love having guest and visitors and I always brew a pot of coffee and ply them with food.  Sometimes my guest even takes naps after a few hours.  That is how cozy and safe it is here.

No matter where you live, an apartment, or large house, no matter the space or condition of the house, you can make it delightful with very little money or effort.  Here are some ideas.

How to create a charming home on a tiny budget:

It doesn’t take much to nest.  It doesn’t have to cost much either.  The simpler the better.  Here are some ideas.

  • Clean and tidy doesn’t cost much.  You can make your own cleaners with vinegar and dish soap.  A broom does wonders.  Clean those windows.  Get rid of the junk and downsize to just the best of your furniture and stuff.
  • Thrift stores are great for getting cheap rugs, furniture, pots and pan, paintings, and so much more. Garage sales are great too.  Find thrift stores and garage sales in wealthy areas for some quality items and name brands.
  • Discount stores like Big Lots and Grocery Outlet are great for big scented candles, shower curtains with some pizzaz.  A lovely shower curtain and matching bath rug can make a bathroom look nice.
  • Curtains on the windows (make them floor length for a dramatic look) and a large area rug with plenty of color can make a living room charming.
  • Add colored pillows to a couch.  Get a neutral colored slip cover for the couch.
  • I have found amazing entertainment centers for free on Craigslist.  Fill it up with, not just the TV, but plants and books.
  • Plants.  Fill the house up with plants.  You can make starts from plants you already may have. Ivy type plants are so hardy and lush.  They make a home look delightful and give you oxygen to boot.
  • Throw rugs or rag rugs in the kitchen and big mason jars filled with flour, sugar, nuts, and such on the counter gives charm.  Always have a bowl of fruit on the table.  If short of space have hanging baskets for produce such as onions, lemons, and potatoes.
  • For outside just load your patios and porches up with pots of plants, flowers, herbs, veggies, and whatever else you want to grow.  You can grow a lot in pots if you have no garden space.  Hang chimes off the eaves and hang a holiday and seasonal flags at the door.  Have some bird feeders and plant flowers that fee the bees.
  • Decorate your refrigerator with happy quotes and pictures.  We get into the frig a lot and it’s nice to see good stuff to remind us why we have a great life.
  • Paint a room or two.  A fresh and warm or pastel color can change the look in a big way.  If you can only afford a can of paint, then do an accent wall.  That sometimes looks better and anyway.
  • Big paintings of things you love dreaming of.  Oceans, farms, food…my friend purchased a painting for $25 at a Mexican grocery store the other day for my birthday.  I love it!  Bright colors, food.  You can spend very little on great paintings.

Creating a sanctuary for the family:

How do we make our home a safe and enjoyable place?  We are all energy and electricity.  Everything is.  Change the vibration in your home.

  • Monitor the things you watch on TV.  We have young ones and even if we didn’t, we choose not to watch images that are upsetting.  We love movies that are inspiring and funny or wholesome.
  • Listen to good music.  I’m sorry, but I am no fan of rap or some of the more mainstream music.  There is some good stuff out there I know this, however, I find much of it to be negative, violent, or promoting drinking, immoral behavior, partying, and shallow endeavors for fame and fortune.  I also find commercials on the radio irritating to my soul.  I have created Pandora online and it is loaded with good music from country, gospel, to Indian, Cuban, and so on.
  • No fighting.  My husband and I will bicker a few minutes here and there.  We are honest about things.  I am not that wife that keeps it inside and then a few years later loses her mind.  Oh no, we chat right then and there.  But there is never, ever screaming, yelling, cursing, or cruelty.  The boys get in trouble, but it is handled with a quick time out and short talk of what was not right and the correct way to proceed next time.  No nagging.  No spirit destroying behavior.  The family must be loved, cherished, nurtured, and supported.  This includes taking really good care of yourself as the woman of the home.  You must care for your needs so you have the love to give.
  • Reading.  We love to read around here and all books are wholesome and/or inspirational.
  • Wholesome food and cooking at home from scratch.  I purchase food that is non GMO and organic.  We cook at home.  It is cozy and an act of love for me to feed my family and to make sure their food is nutritious.  My family is very healthy and we rarely get sick.  Last year only the boys got mild colds because they are still building immune systems.
  • Unplugging.  My cell phone is in the kitchen cabinet.  My husbands goes off when he gets home.  The children may someday get a cell for emergencies.  No iPad is used.  We do love PBS and Movies.  We are not Little House on the Prairie.  But all other media is out.  I don’t even have the FaceBook except for my author’s page.

My last advice is to create schedules that are flexible…or rituals as I like to refer them to.  We have morning rituals and evening rituals.  Rituals are comforting to us and especially good for children.  It is how they feel stable and make sense of their days.

Find happiness everywhere and create it at home.  Love your home, be grateful for its service to you.  Adorn it, rejoice in it, fill it with good smells of baked pies and the sounds of laughter.

Many Blessings!


6 thoughts on “Creating your home as a sanctuary and for very little…or free.

      1. Definitely! Our house has been quite a project since we bought it last January but it is much more homely now and I make sure I do what I can everyday. I do a lot of DIY projects around the house as part of my homemaking duties!


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