Hearing God in times of trouble.


God speaks to us all the time.  We are usually too busy to get the call.  Our minds are humming so loudly with meaningless worries and stresses.  We have a reel that plays over and over throughout the day and night that we don’t even notice it.  It’s like the muzak the companies play when they put you on hold, although, our muzak usually isn’t that pleasant.  It’s more like disaster reports on the hour.

But God is all around and offering all the guidance and support you need if you would learn to get quiet, even a little, and pay attention to the cues.  Getting guidance from God and the Universe is like a treasure hunt.  You ask a question.  The next day you hear a song that hits you just so.  You talk to a stranger in the store and they mention a book.  You find the book and it turns out to be perfect for you.  You overhear a conversation and it makes you think about some changes you need to make.  This is God talking through others to speak to you.  What?  You thought he would drop by and have coffee?

Years ago I wanted children.  I had tried for decades to have children with no success.  Then I met and married Bali.  I still had some hope but not much.  I chose to quit my job at a Chiropractic office.  It was a good job managing the place for a great salary and only part time, however, every client seemed to be getting pregnant that year and I just couldn’t take it.  I had to get away from all the big bellies and my jealousy and pain around it.  I started working full time in the cafe of Living Light Raw Food Culinary School where I had already been working one day a week in the bookstore.  It was a low paying job and I worked hard washing floors and making vegan food.  I wasn’t sure why I felt that I was supposed to be there but I followed my heart and two things happened.

One day I overheard a customer confide to her girlfriend how she had such issues getting pregnant and then she cut out all gluten and was pregnant shortly after.  It spoke to me and I cleaned up my diet extremely.  I drank gallons of green juice and pounds of salad and cleansed my body.  I had been into junk food for years.  a few months later I was pregnant with my first son.  The other thing was that I made good friends in the company that I am still close to and involved with to this day.

I have many stories like this.  I would wake up one day and just feel or sense that I was supposed to go somewhere, do something, take that job even though it was hard work and no money, move to that town even though it offered nothing and was in the middle of nowhere.  I have done things that had no logical or sane sense and the outcome was amazing.

I had a huge calling to move to Fort Bragg, CA.  There was no work there and it was in the middle of forest and ocean, with no real civilized city close by.  It was, logically and rationally, not a smart move.  But it was, in a moment of quiet, on the beach that I knew I HAD to move there.  A month later I moved into a pink victorian with a white picket fence and roses and flowers gardens throughout.  I had great landlords, found the job at the Living Light Raw Food Culinary School and went on to find a great husband, marry, and start a family.  I made lifelong friends and made big changes mentally, spiritually, and physically.  I had also started my sober new life there.

We cannot see the future and we often don’t know what is best for us. We use logic and common sense and just muddy the waters.  When we follow Spirit and our heart we wind up in the right place at the right time.

The other week my 4 year old said he wanted to go back to Church.  I thought this was strange but I said okay.  He said exactly, “It’s time for us to go back to Church.”  I listen to him because children are still pure and uncongested with worldly worries.  They are still connected to the Source and get the messages clearly.  My son says prophetic and wise things now and then and I pay attention. He has talked about things he should know nothing about.

We went to one of the Mega Churches in the area that I have mixed feelings about but that was the one he pointed to.  I wondered what the message was that I was supposed to receive that day.  I got a message alright.

I have been wracked with on and off worry since childhood.  I have been working on meditation lately to just have peace and connect to the Source.  I have been doing spiritual works and healings for decades but the meditation is like taking a light rail train straight to the light.

When we attended church there was a message loud and clear about not being a part of this world’s problems, how to detach, let go, and focus on what was good and right.  It was all about living a wholesome life and having peace in the madness.  Then a popular singing couple came on the stage; Love and The Outcome and sang The God I Know.  If you haven’t heard this song, it’s on YouTube.  Whether you’re Christian or not, this song is so uplifting.  It is about putting your burden down and having faith.

This morning I was up early.  We are in the process of buying a house and I’m really being taught the lesson of letting go.  I’m trying to play with the boys and read novels, escape through movies and art.  I was telling myself to be patient this morning and wait for the realtor and lender to call me…not me harassing them.  I called my husband at his shop to say good morning and in the background, I could hear his radio.  I had dialed it to a Christian music station last time I visited his store.  I could hear that song The God I Know in the background.  I spent the rest of the morning weeping.  I feel so surrounded by unseen support and love.  I know that everything will work out for the best for my family and I just have to put that burden down and watch the magic happen.

The message for me was clearly about letting go of my worries for this life, this world, this day.  Politically and globally we are in upheaval but we can get through this with a peaceful mind and a deep rooted faith.  We are not alone in this world.  We have guides, God, the Source.  Find your peace in that.



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