How to build a new world.


We are looking for a home.  I’ve shared this in other blogs.  It has been listed as one of the most stressful things in life.  I wondered why this exciting venture had been given such a bad label.  Now I understand.  It is the emotional toll it takes on a person to find that perfect home in that safe neighborhood in that charming town where you can see yourself living out eternity…and then getting outbid.  Again and again.  It’s even more stressful when you have children and pets and their safety to consider but your budget screams ghetto only.  Then add to it a husband that keeps trying to work with a budget that doesn’t exist in this Universe at this time.

What really disturbs me as I tour the area is all the urban sprawl that has gone to pot.  You can see that long ago these neighborhoods were charming and filled with good, hardworking families.  Now the houses are dilapidated with parked cars on the lawns, trash in the yards and peeling paint to go with the falling down porch.  What has happened to all these neighborhoods?  Is it renters that don’t care?  Landlords that are slumlords?  Is it the fact that most of our Nation…our world seems to be on drugs and alcoholics and lack self-love or self-pride?  Is it that most of the factories have died out or been shipped overseas?  Is it all the Corporate box stores that have put the mom and pops out of business and therefore killed the little charming main streets?  Is it the big banks that have been wraking the little man over the financial coals for decades and keep getting bailed out even though they don’t have a history of bailing out anyone themselves, not the farmers in the depression era or the housing owners they aided in getting into bad situations in the first place that helped spurn a recession?  Aren’t these big banks the problem?  Why are they being saved and protected?  We know the answer to that right?

Why is it that the farmers and little people aren’t getting the proper and constructive help, but corporations and big banks do?  Why is it that oil and coal is still supported when it’s causing wars and pollution and unemployment on a huge scale and is so unsustainable?  We are just throwing money at a monster that will eat us in the end. Why aren’t be going to natural energy on a big scale and creating a whole new and huge economy that is sustainable and good for the goose and the gander?  Isn’t that the solution?  It’s being done in many countries with huge success. Why are we still having wars?  Don’t they seem so archaic and savage in this new age with all our new age thinking and inventions?   We haven’t had one successful war in decades.  The only one that seemed necessary was WW2 with getting rid of a dictator or two.  We actually saved people back then.  Since then it’s been nothing but mass destruction and has done nothing to better anyones situation.  We have a crisis of refugees now because of war.  War has destroyed whole cultures, countries, and forest.  But the biggest thing it destroys are the men, women, and children that get caught up in it, both unwillingly and willingly.

Why do we continue the Urban sprawl and clearing of jungles and forest?  Why are people having 5 and 6 and 7 children in this day and age when we should consider that we have more than enough people and that a small family is easier on the wallet and the planet?  Why are SO many people addicted to hardcore drugs?  We are we so unhappy in such an age that is supposed to be so easy?

Why are SO many people addicted to hardcore drugs?  We are we so unhappy in such an age that is supposed to be so easy?  Why are so many people depressed and on medication and psych drugs?

We have more than enough to share and spare, we just all have to learn to be sustainable and use our resources wisely.  To recycle, reuse, and conserve.  We don’t need to build outward and pave over any more farms and forest even if the population grows.  I look around as I drive through cities and I see empty malls, empty corporate building, empty houses, empty lots then I see all kinds of new construction.  It seems brainless.  In Sacramento alone, you could build thousands of new buildings, apartments, and housing just by using the empty lots or tearing down dilapidated abandoned building.  Whole little sections and old towns could be renewed and rebuilt with love and charm into new towns and cities, neighborhoods could be cleaned up and revived.  We can work with what we have without encroaching on open and natural land.

Here is the hope segment of this depressing rant.  We are replanting forest and jungles, however, we need to put a complete stop to anymore raping of the land.  We are reviving small towns and main streets but there needs to be more support of that.  We are cleaning up some neighborhoods and building Urban community farms and gardens but we need more.  We are going toward natural energy but we need to do it faster and be really hardcore about it.  We are looking at the huge drug and alcohol problem in this world but we need to find a way to reach the children from the very beginning all the way up so they have a hundred positive outlets that will make gangs and drug use so unattractive and look as foolish as it is.

Think about this:

If everyone refused, even corporations, to pay taxes until we stopped the wars and disarmed all the nuclear bombs.  If there is no money, there is no war.  But everyone would have to be in on this all over the world.  It would have to be the biggest mass movement ever in history.

Imagine if schools started focusing more on the arts and well-being.  Music and meditation became more important than testing and testing became obsolete.  Children were doing and playing and enjoying the exploration of learning, not trying to make test scores that earned a school more money.  Schools had big farms on campus and kitchens and children learned to garden and prune, to cook, and dance, and knit, and write fairy tales? They learned to think about and reflect on their feelings and thoughts.

Imagine if all the remaining forest and jungles and grasslands and farmland was permanently protected and all the forest and jungles that had been slaughtered were replanted in their full prehuman destruction state?

Image if we all refused to shop at box stores and eat fast food?  We supported the moms and pops or companies that really took care of the employees and the earth.  Or better yet, all big companies became employee-owned co-ops?  Everyone owned pieces of a company.  This is being done in some European countries and very successfully.

Imagine if everyone stopped using drugs.  You would get rid of all the drug dealers and gangs, the cartel, the bloody violence.  All done peacefully.  You could stop it all within months.

Imagine if all the students going to these Universities that keep raising tuitions that are already unaffordable just withdrew and wrote letters that they would be finding alternate routes of education or would return once fees and tuitions became reasonable?  You can’t keep a University open without students.  Why do students act so helpless and allow themselves to be financially raped?

All the changes we would like to see to change this world into a harmonious, beautiful, safe, fair, clean, and loving place for us all, could be done peacefully without chanting and marching and raising even a finger or fist.  We would just withdraw our money and ourselves and turn to another path, get busy cleaning up, fixing, loving ourselves, our neighbors, our planet.

What if we all refused to buy anything with palm oil or things that contribute to the destruction of rainforest?  What if we all refused to buy food that wasn’t organic or nonGMO and if we are poor we find ways to grow our own food.

Why are we crying and acting helpless?  Without us, without our money the corporations have nothing and go out of business, the government would fall.  We pay them to torture us and then we cry.  Use your power people, use your money.

In the meantime, start supporting the good and start doing good in your own yard, your own neighborhood, and town.  Think about these dreams.  It’s possible.





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