How to climb up out of poverty and addiction.


Some of you who come across this write-up will not do it by coincidence, just as I did not write this by coincidence.  There is no such thing as coincidence, bad luck, good luck, or happenstance.  Everything has meaning, everything has a reason, and it is all of our creation.  Choices we made years ago may still be affecting us today, the feelings and thoughts we marinate in today will create our tomorrow.  You called this in to your experience today.

If you are struggling with hard times…financially and emotionally (because they go hand in hand), if you have more bills than a paycheck, big debt, and other dark times…I’m here to help!  I’ve got some great advice that I have used to pull myself up out of poverty, debt, and bad, bad habits.

First, know this; all this will pass.  You will not be here forever, the debt will go, the hard times will pass into more golden times, life is about to get easier and better.  I promise!  But…and here is the but, you have to be willing and surrender to the process.  Willing to do whatever you need to do to change your circumstances and surrender to whatever happens in the journey to get you from darkness to light.

There is a saying in the AA fellowship, “All you have to change is everything”.  There is also another saying, “You can’t change your situation from the same mindset that got you here in the first place” (not really word for word but you get the idea).

If you are in the crap hole of life and you want out…you will have to work from the inside out and outside in.  Your actions and your thinking got you here, so you will have to reinvent yourself.  How exciting and fun right?!  Yes, it is scary, but it is easier than you think and it will get easier with each step.


Creating abundance for the future:

So, how do we start the climb?  Here are some ways to start fixing things from the outside and inside.

  • Take a good look at where you are financially and start finding ways to cut cost in big ways.  Move to a smaller home, get rid of cable, get rid of the car and bike or walk everywhere, reduce the cell bill, start finding ways to reduce the electric and water bills.
  • STOP going out, period.  Make all food and coffee from home.
  • Find every book on being frugal and use every tip.  Queen of Penny Pinching is my book and I have every bit of advice and tips that I had researched and read for years, along with my own practices.  I will teach you every frugal and thrifty tip and way to get out of debt, live on a tiny budget, and I will point you to other books and resources to help you in big ways.  I give away a free ebook at the beginning of each month so just look and you can get all kinds of great books of mine with tons of advice.
  • Start growing your own food.  Even if you have a patio you can grow buckets and pots of herbs and food.  Even some fruit and lemon trees grow in barrels.  Be creative.
  • Look up Dave Ramsey online for advice on getting out of big debt.
  • The Complete Tightwad Gazette was my frugal bible for years.  You can get it at the library.
  • Love the library.  You will never have to buy a book again.
  • Consider homeschooling.  It can be an amazing experience for the whole family and can be free if you utilize the library and internet.
  • There are all kinds of programs to help with food, shelter, college, free internet, discounts on electricity and gas.  Do some research to see what assistance you can get.  If you are in dire straights, get the help to help you up and out of the situation.
  • College can be free.  There are BOG fee waivers for free classes and financial aid for the books that you don’t pay back.  Go back to school to learn a new skill.  You don’t have to get a Masters, you could do a secretary program, dental assisting, mechanic, computer training, and all kinds of trades that take less than a year but will improve your life.
  • If you have an addiction or bad habit…overcome it.  Find AA meetings and support to heal and get sober.  Find a Church.  Get a community that is improving themselves.  You can NOT get out of poverty or a shitty situation if you use drugs and booze.  You must be clear and present.
  • Join a Church or Spiritual Center.  These people are loving God, living wholesome lives, are sober, and many of them are also working toward getting out of debt, overcoming addictions, and improving their lives. You need a support, a community of people that will show you the way and carry you when you need it.
  • Work toward moving up in your job or getting a better one.  Take classes or whatever you need to do.
  • Start working on your mind.  Get into huge gratitude, learn to be positive no matter what, and heal yourself.  I would suggest the Bible, Law of Attraction teachings such as Abraham with Esther Hicks, Tony Robbins, Florence Scovel Shinn, Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen.  You can get it all free on the internet and Joyce and Joel are on TV.
  • Get negative people out of your life.  People that are doing drugs, drinking too much, angry, creating drama.  Act like they have the Black Plague.  For your spirit they do.
  • Find new and positive friends that are working hard on their lives to make them shine.
  • Believe in yourself.  Give yourself full respect, love, and honor your feelings.  If it doesn’t feel good go.  If it feels good stay.
  • Eat healthily and get rid of all the junk food.  Cook from scratch to get nutritious food and save money.
  • Exercise daily.  This will improve the mind, body, and spirit vastly.  It can be free.  Walk or do exercise on the internet for free.
  • Simplify your life.  Spend time alone if you need to for awhile.

This is a long list and simplified.  There is so much that goes into healing and righting the mind and changing your life.  You will need to do a lot of reading and research.  Think of it as the college of your life.  Jump in with both feet and get to work with all the diligence you can muster.  It takes some time to get a rhythm and start to see change and improvement and then it is like a domino effect.  Once the train gets going you become unstoppable.

Just don’t give up.

Many Blessings!

Queen of Sober: Getting Through the First Year by [Singh, Kate]


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