Adding some spice…to your housecleaning.


Oh, that housecleaning!  I love it sometimes when I need some good therapy.  I scrub and organize and throw junk out (or recycle to the thrift…I’m sustainable) and think about what issue is at hand, I talk to myself, I’m my best therapist.  Then I’m done and I have a sparkling cottage and a soothed soul.

As a homemaker, it’s the same old same old day in and day out.  I like to write articles on cleaning and getting reinspired now and then because it’s what I need myself.  I just finished Outwitting Housework by Nancy Rosenberg.  I got some new ideas and cleaning products.

I am an advocate for making homemade, nontoxic cleaning products, especially with youngster and pets around.  However, either I’m not using them properly or mixing them right, but they just aren’t doing the trick in some areas and I’m too lazy to make things like furniture polish.  My floors are looking dull, my furniture is lackluster, and my bathroom needs to be sterilized.

I’m on a Zero spending challenge, but I can justify anything if I feel I really need it.  I needed new cleaning products.  I created a loophole in the contract for spending outside the main staples.  I needed these products to do some research on how to become a better housekeeper.  I’m writing another book and I can’t just suggest cleaning products if I don’t use them myself…right?

I am trying out Mr. Clean (with Gain scent) all purpose cleaner, lemon oil furniture polish, Lavender and Chamomile plugins, along with some of my old Fabuloso all purpose cleaner (because it cleans great and smells fabuloso).

I was so excited to try it all out that I went to Winco at 8:00 am this morning, rushed home and cleaned.  Yes, of course, I had my coffee and music going.  I was very happy with the products and the smells.  I still need something different for the floors though.  They are that fake wood and I just need to look online for a homemade oily something rather to polish them up.  I hear some women say they use just water.  I don’t think this could be true unless you live in a magical kingdom where floors clean and polish themselves and paws and feet walk on air, never making actual contact with the floors.

I’ve given this advice in previous articles, but I’m going to give the list again for a refresher:

  1. You must start first thing in the morning when you and the day are fresh and filled with energy.
  2. You must brew coffee…and then drink it.  One cup before to warm up and a cup as you go.
  3. You must listen to really fun, fast music loud.
  4. Go from room to room.  Don’t be scattered.  Start in the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and end in the bedrooms.
  5. Get children to help if they are old enough.  Delegate chores.
  6. Start by picking up all the mess and laundry.
  7. Dust and tidy.  Wash counters and sinks.
  8. Then you vacuum and mop.
  9. Sweep outside patios and stoops and stairs so debris isn’t tracked in.
  10. Wash all the laundry on this day throughout the day.  Start the first load when you start the work.  Pile it all on the bed of couch where the TV is.
  11. When all done, make a snack and ice water and sit on the bed, put on a good movie and tackle the laundry.

Yay!  You’re done!  I do it all in one day.  The rest of the week is maintenance.  Do the maintenance early in the day with coffee mug in hand also.  Start with a made bed and emptying dishwasher while waiting for coffee to brew.  End the day with a clean kitchen, you’ll enjoy your mornings so much more.

Refer to my uncluttering blog.  This will save hours of cleaning.


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