A day of uncluttering.


I talk about uncluttering a lot.  A lot!  In my books, in my blogs.  I love uncluttering.  While I love my home cozy and busy with bright colors, pillows, rugs, plants, candles…I am not into the extra.  We have a small cottage and a couple messes and voila!  The place looks crazy and unkempt.  Less clutter means a more clean and tidy home, more organization and less time “looking” for things.

It’s hard to go through and box things up for the thrift store.  It’s hard to let go of stuff.  We think, “I’ll use this later.” or “I can wear this to clean in.” How about the famous, “Oh this is a great project down the road.”  For example, I had stacks of magazines.  I was saving them for making a collage or dream board.  I had this idea for years…still hadn’t done it.  As I held that huge stack in my arms and my brain tried to convince me that we could still make this dream board, I still had dreams right?  But the other side of my brain showed up with that look, hands on the hips, and a long, tired sigh.  “Have you made that dream board in the 3 years you have had this stack?” “Well no, but I can…I can do it later today…or tomorrow might be better.”  I stuttered nervously.  “Really?  Are you really going to make this thing?  Be honest.”  I shook my head and the pile went into the box.    Then I went into the kitchen and found my stack of VegTimes magazines.  “Now these are great magazines with all kinds of inspiration and recipes, places to order vegetarian stuff!”  The convincing argument I felt.  My hardcore cleaning brain said, “In the five years you have had those magazines you have not cracked them open once!  Besides you just started eating Paleo.”  They went in the box.

There were books that I fought for.  I thought that I could keep them for my guest to read.  This is funny because my guest don’t visit to read my books.  I hadn’t read some of these books…ever.   Then there was stuff I had kept that didn’t feel good.  I have photos or books or things given to me that actually upset me for whatever reason, perhaps unpleasant memories or a relationship ended…or the topic is not a joy maker.  Doesn’t matter, I don’t feel good…gone!

We can get rid of things simply because they don’t feel good.  Yes, we can send that object to the thrift store just because it doesn’t make us happy!  My goal is to only have what makes me happy surrounding me.  I want to look around and smile from the inside out.  I also want my home to feel fresh and spacious.  This is a challenge for 860 square feet of home.

Another mind game I play is this; when I find it hard to let something go that I really don’t need or use, but I’m just having issues parting with, I think about the people out there who would love this item and really use it.  The boys had a train set that was just a mess all the time and the boys didn’t play with it in the 2 years they had it right there.  They would just strew it all over and it was this plastic construction junk set.  I boxed it up and put it outside.  I was sitting at the table when a woman and her friend drove up in their souped up car.  It was obvious that money was probably scarce.  When she looked over the box filled with the set and tracks she was so happy, she commented to her friend that her son was going to love this.  I cried.  This boy was going to be thrilled with this huge gift and he was going to be playing with it all night.  He probably didn’t get many gifts between birthdays and Christmas.  I remember that every time I have an “issue” with giving things away.  I am gifting another who may need it more than I.

Today I really got in there deep and my home is feeling good.  I have more to do, but I’ve run out of steam and Bali will be home soon.  The first two boxes were picked up already from travelers (I put my stuff on the street and it goes fast), but if I put something out now, Bali will see and inspect.  I’ve already had to argue with myself, I have no energy to argue with him too.

Many blessings!


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