Healing our mind. Starting a new life.


Our whole world comes from our mind and how we live.  We have a choice every single day to grow our life, destroy it, start over anew, or remain stagnant.

To live the best life humanly possible is simply this; live a wholesome life, have a relationship with God, follow your heart and God’s guidance in all matters, put God, family, and then work in that order.

Of course, there are all the subcategories: live debt free, do not partake or encourage bad habits and addictions,  treat others with respect, do good deeds often, have a community.

Now, I know that there are mental health issues and addictions that keep some people from having a full life.  I’m no doctor or therapist so I can’t give that sort of advice.  However, I can speak from my own experience.

I was raised by a brilliant woman who had a mental illness and was undiagnosed until much, much later in her life.  And she chose not to continue with her medication even though it made a huge difference…for her and everyone around her.  She was also an alcoholic and addicted to sleeping pills.  I find that many people that struggle with mental illness are addicted to pills or alcohol.  The alcohol and pills or drugs help them feel normal or happy for a short period and they become addicted to that.

I grew up being abused verbally and emotionally abused almost my whole existence with this woman.  Although I’m not mentally unbalanced, I chose alcohol and marijuana to find an escape and comfort from the hell that was created at home.   After I left home I continued my addictions and also remained in touch with my mother.  I felt like it was my duty as a daughter to help her.  I even moved home to tend to her when she was dying.

This mother/daughter relationship almost destroyed me.  For years I would drink and smoke pot and cigarettes, I had no relationship with God, and I was deeply depressed.  I made poor choices that just perpetuated my miserable existence.  I tried outrunning my own sadness, moving from town to town, changing jobs yearly, dating men for only a few weeks or months at a time.  I lived in a fantasy world in my mind because I didn’t know how to create a life that was beautiful in my reality.  This went on for decades, literally.

Today my life is beyond completely different.  It went from dark to light, from silent to song.

Today, when I am in the kitchen with small ones playing at my feet and I’m kneading dough for the bread I’ll be baking, my music playing, the sun filling the room, my heart full…it’s hard to imagine the life I used to have.  No one would recognize my life today from even 8 years ago.

The two things that changed my life completely; getting sober and delving into a spiritual life.

The combination is nothing short of miraculous.  It doesn’t matter how you have to get to God, just do it.  Without faith and a relationship with Him life is bleak and has no answers.

Einstein's work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science. Description from quotesgram.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images:

So long as you are poisoning your body and mind with the likes of booze, drugs, pills, even pot smoking on a regular basis, there will be no clarity or peace.

Debt is another darkness that must be overcome.  There is no freedom in debt.

Then the focus must be on healing the mind.  Center for Spiritual Living had a motto, “Heal your mind and you heal your life.”  Your words and your thoughts create your inner world that expands out and co-creates your outer world.

We see this all the time.  We all know that one person that is so negative and miserable.  They are always complaining of the injustices of their life.  And sure enough, their life is a mess.  Things go wrong for them all the time.  They have the worst luck.

Then we have that positive and cheerful person.  They sing about a good life and they are grateful for every little thing.  Their life is good, everything goes pretty well for them, they seem to have so much good fortune.

There is magic in life.  There are miracles all the time.  The Source is ready for you, there is an abundance of love and support waiting to help you, heal you.  Ask and you shall receive.

There are programs, Churches, Spiritual Centers, AA, and so much more out there to help.  There are Credit Counseling Agencies for your debt.

Becoming proactive about cleaning up the outside of your life as you clean up the inside of your mind is empowering.  As you overcome your addictions, your unhappiness, your debt…you will become so confident and empowered in your life.  Your life will get better and better and better, one small step at a time.  One day you will stop and look around and be amazed at the new life you have built.

Make the choice today to start a new life.

Some resources that helped me recover my life and joy:

  • Joyce Meyers. She is on TV every day and has a website and hundreds of great books.  One that I really recommend is Battlefield of the Mind.  She has a worldwide ministry.
  • Joel Osteen. Has a large ministry, can be found on TV daily also, especially Sunday.  He has several great books.  He is very positive and uplifting.
  • The Everyday Life Bible with Joyce Meyer.  I enjoy this because she helps you understand and interpret parts of the Bible.  She helps us apply it to our everyday life.
  • The Law of Attraction with Abraham and Esther and Jerry Hicks.
  • The Secret.  This is a movie, it’s fun to watch and helps those new to Law of Attraction understand it.
  • AA.  The fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.  The toll-free number to call and find meetings and help in your area is 844-801-4370.  You can also look online in your location for a meeting hall.  From there you will find meetings all over the place.  Don’t just go to one, try all kinds.  Some are fun and bright, some are dingy and in basements.  You just need to find one you can relate to and feel comfortable.
  • The Case for Christ, The Case for the Real Jesus, The Case for a Creator, The Case for Faith, all by Lee Strobel.  These books are amazing for answering all our questions that keep us from fully believing in God, Jesus, and the Bible.  This is some good reading for those of you on the fence with atheism to faith.





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