The Homemade Housewife.

The Homemade Housewife: The last book you will ever need on homemaking and frugal living by [Singh, Kate]

This is my last homemaking book!  I think…

This is a whopper of a book loaded with all the best from all my books.  It’s got the recipes for scratch cooking, household cleaners, even beauty products.  I cover Urban farming, affording organics, going green and creating a sustainable life.  There are ideas for working from home and earning money, getting out of debt easily, and stretching that dollar.  How about traveling, holidays, parties, having house guest?  Covered.  Raising children and pets?  Homeschooling?  Covered!

The ebook will be free for the next few days and after that, it is a tiny .99 cents.  Of course, it must be frugally priced as it is a book on frugal living.  You will definitely want this for your library.



12 thoughts on “The Homemade Housewife.

      1. I read The Homemade Housewife first and I loved your writing so much I went back and downloaded The Lazy Frugal Housewife and read the whole book last night. My husband recently lost his job were in the no idea income zone right now its scary and your books have helped me so much Kate!! I even started baking my own bread and I just want you to know all your writing and writing about coffee which I love love love have inspired me and kept me going through all of this that my husband and I are going through right now! Thank you! I read your blog everyday now only I’ll be losing my home internet soon, it can’t be helped. There’s no way around it. I will still go to the library to read your blog, check out great books, and hopefully write my own book! I love all you share to about written ng and self publishing! That’s the only way I could ever publish for now! Thank you Kate and never stop writing! I plan to read a Novella to! Love Novellas! Never stop writing Kate Singh you Rock! Until next time sorry so long got carried away! I do was just reading your blog! If I’m not cleaning or baking I’m reading! Your a star!

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      2. I love you!! You have made me feel like I just may be writing something worth somebodies time. I love writing my blog. I have this immigration thing with my husband and I am facing a possible future with out a provider also. I know how you feel. I posted a blog about it and will move the blog to next week so you can read it soon. I cut out everything and went on food stamps for a bit. I am back to baking my own bread and all my tricks. It is scary but we will be fine, you and I. I will be praying for you and your husband.

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      3. Thank you so much Kate! Reading your blog hasn’t gotten me through the last couple of weeks because we just don’t know what the future holds for us and we just bought this home and three aces in Feb. and I just can’t see God letting us lose it. He’s bigger than that! Thank you so much for your writing and as I said keep writing! I haven’t been able to get into my dashboard for days to write all of the sudden it’s working! I have to get that book The Tightwad Gazette to you rave about! When I can afford to! I keep looking it’s never ree for my Kindle! Ha ha! Soon I’ll be going to the library to read amd write! When I can! Have a blessed and wonderful day! I came to see what’s on here today! Prayers and love!


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