John Grays World.

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This is my new TV minister.  I am so into this man right now that poor Joyce Meyer sometimes has to get in line if I have to choose between the two.

At first, I just thought he was another of those loud and annoying preachers but one day I felt compelled to not change the channel.  I have been watching him ever since.  He is dynamic, fun, deep, sharp, and entertaining as all get out.

This man knows his bible like no one else.  He even seems to know some of the old history and cultures that surrounded Biblical times.  He applies it to today’s world and everyday life just as other pastors do but the difference is that he is also an entertainer at heart and has a penchant for analyzing the human spirit.  He will often break out into a gospel song in the middle of a sermon or read a poem he wrote about Christ that will compel one to stand up alone in their living room and cheer (yes, I have done this).

I’m usually a mellow watcher of sermons.  I sip my coffee and listen attentively to Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer with hardly a nod.  I often change the channel with Creflo Dollar.  With this John Gray, I turn into a black Christian woman on a Sunday at a Gospel church.  I yell, I cheer, I hold my hand up in the air, I do standing ovations…all kinds of bizarro actions for my personality.  But the man’s preaching moves me something fierce.  I don’t always remember what he said afterward but I’m lovin’ it!

I looked him up and it turns out he is also an actor, writer, playwright, singer…no wonder he’s so fun to watch and so deep and intense.  He’s been in gospel choirs, movies, all sorts of good stuff.  Right now it seems he’s happy preaching the Word.  And I, personally, hope that he continues for a long, long time.

He can be found on the Christian channels.  He is an associate pastor under Joel Osteen at his Lakewood Church in HoustonTexas.  Try him out a few times to get a real sense of the man.  You may not regret it.  He can get little wild at times.  I find that I like to mix and match my ministers.  Joyce Meyer is my daily bread, Joel Osteen is my cake when I just want happy and positive, and then there is Joseph Prince and I never thought I’d like him but he’s pretty good and funny as well.  There are some pretty fabulous people out there preaching the Word.

Coffee and the Word, can’t beat that combo for a fantastic start to the day.

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