For those of you that feel the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

© 2013 Jake Lyell/CARE

If one were to live on news and mainstream media alone, one would surely become suicidal or severely depressed with no hope in site.  I truly believe that is why so many people these days are addicted or use drugs, pills, pot, booze, food, and sex to try and escape into a self-made Utopia.  I believe this is why so many people these days are so stressed, miserable, in fear, and wanting to give up.

I believe this is why so many people these days are so stressed, miserable, in fear, and wanting to give up.

The world, according to the news, is filled with famine, war, disease, hate, crimes, and dishonesty.  And that is just the governments!  And then there is global warming and nuclear war looming.  No wonder a person wants the hell out of here.

I used to watch the news, local, global, BBC, Asia, CNN, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, Chris what is his name…

I also used to wake up in the middle of the night sweating and wringing my hands.  I’d get on the internet to find some hope, anything, just a glimmer of salvation for us hopeless humans.

And I found it.  Tons of it!  It turns out that there are all kinds of huge and amazing things going on out there in the world.  Sadly, you won’t find it on mainstream media.  You have to search and dig to find all the good news about the planet and people.  But it’s out there.  People loving people, feeding people, helping children, saving animals, healing the Earth, empowering women, replanting jungles and forest, cleaning up the water and soil, practicing organic and sustainable farming.

There just may be more good out there than we realized, more love, more great humans doing great things.

I want to keep this short because I’m busy doing my part.  I have boys to love on so they will be part of that amazing human clan.  I have trees to plant and organizations I donate to so I need to write and sell more books to support that new habit.  I have my neighbors to care about, recycling, and my own organic vegetable garden, not to mention planting flowers for the bees and filling the bird feeders.

Stop your crying, put down that gin and do your part.  It alleviates a lot of pain and stress when we get out there and find ourselves to be ever so powerful to create change, even from our own wallets and backyards.

In the meantime, here are some websites.  Some are where I donate.  This is not an encouragement for you but so you can simply look on the sites and see all the beautiful and loving things going on.  Care and Heifer are my favorites for changing lives all over the world here and globally.  They are not just feeding people, they are creating sustainable change from the bottom up.

There are some sites just so you can see all the ways humans are changing the world to be safer, kinder, better.  That jungles, forest, and other lands are being replanted and healed, that people are making great strides in fixing decades of abuse on the land and that whole cultures are changing around old hates, war, and abuse toward women.

The world has more light than ever and it will continue to grow.  After reading these sites, mainstream media won’t look so good, you will actually feel like you have been purposely poisoned.  And you have.  The news and media are poisonous and harmful.  Get off it and try out this stuff.

These are just a few websites to get you started.  It’s a mish mash of stuff, take what you like and may it all lead you to find more good stuff and have some peace in your heart.


Click to access nrcs142p2_029112.pdf

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