Why blogging is great therapy.


Why do I blog?  It certainly isn’t for money.  I’ve made around .50 cents over the last so many months in advertising.  I originally started blogging to promote my books.  I was so resistant to doing it but on the gentle nudge of a friend, I did some pondering and then started the blogging.

A funny thing happened.  I didn’t get famous or suddenly find myself with a gigantic following.  I didn’t even make any money and my books didn’t get a huge boost.  Why did I continue?  Because it turned out that I needed to talk.  I needed to share and give unsolicited advice.  I wanted to talk about all sorts of ideas, tips, and so many things I was investigating.  I love sharing.  There is nothing better than a cup of steaming, creamy morning coffee, and a chat.

I’m a housewife in a fairly new town for us.  I live in a huge city and moved here a couple years back as a homemaker with two little ones and I didn’t get the chance to get out there and work, make friends, be a part of a community like I did in other towns I lived.  I tried the mom and tot groups and didn’t enjoy them.  I tried homeschooling groups and found them demanding.  I decided that I had enough friends already and I would just have to travel when I missed them.  I don’t really have enough steam to build new relationships right now.  I am raising humans, dogs, a husband.  I am busy keeping a home in order and nurturing my family.

But I’m a thinker and a talker and I’ve got ideas all day long.  Talking to myself gets boring.  No one really wants my advice and I’m probably a bore to most (talking about homemade laundry detergent and homeschooling gets old real fast).  So, I was inspired to write a book.  I figured out how to self-publish for free and then I wrote another book.  And another.  This kept happening and then I started blogging.  Blogging is like having a chat every day with your best friend and you get to pick the topic and talk all you want.  It is a great way to figure out your life and to give advice you feel will help others and not have the person hang up on you.  People can take your advice…or not and you never know so you’re never offended.

Blogging can be a very cheap way to express yourself, find your tribe out there all over the world, to share your valuable knowledge, tips, and tricks.  I love reading blogs by other homemakers for some inspiration and I hope that my write-ups motivate others to live a better life.

I also feel that blogging is a great writing exercise.  I’ve found that since I’ve been doing this the last year my writing has been changing and morphing.

Then there are times blogging is just a way to get something out that needs to be expressed.  Or to solidify a new way of thinking, being, feeling.  To start a new life.  To start over.  To be held accountable.

There are millions of incredible blogs out there of people just sharing, healing, bonding, supporting each other over goals or overcoming obstacles.

My advice (of course, always my advice) is that you should blog for you and you alone.  Don’t do it for money, a fan base, to promote your things…well, yes do that, promote whatever but also do it for your benefit and fun.  Do it if you love to do it.  If you want to blog don’t get caught up in what other people are doing or writing or how fabulous their site looks or how many followers that blogger has or how many comments and likes another blogger gets.  Who cares!!  Do it for you.  Use it to hone your writing skills, to expel demons, to do therapy, for fun, because you’re lonely or because you feel you have something important to say and share.

There is a group out there for all of us.  Someone or some group needs your words of encouragement, your advice, your motivational speech.

Blog on!!

One thought on “Why blogging is great therapy.

  1. Find your tribe! Amen to that. I work part time, but just because you are with people all day doesn’t mean that you have an opportunity, or that it is wise, to talk about some interests.
    I think the best blogs are written from a personal point of view.

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