For the “Non Feminist” women.


Millenium Development Goals Infographic 3 - Promote gender equality and empower women

I have been a housewife for 6 years and love every minute of it.  I am old fashioned in that I keep a nice and clean home, my husband comes home to a hot meal at night, and I tend to the children.  I’m married to a Punjab Indian and we have a rather traditional domestic and marital scene.  I believe that a homemaker is the best thing that could happen to a family.

With that said I will also say that I’m a feminist’s daughter and my home is Matriarchal in every way.  I run this ship and I make the major decisions, I move this family forward in every way.  I never graduated from a college, although I have enough credits that could be pinned together to make something…I and the college’s I attended just couldn’t figure out what.  However, I’m educated.  Believe me.  I study, read, and research everything from vaccines and toothpaste to homemade laundry detergent and global issues.  I read piles of books on all things fiction and educational and I am an avid writer.  My mother would still roll over in her grave.

My mother came from an era where the only “appropriate work” for a lady was to be a nurse, teacher, or secretary.  That is until she married a man who would take care of her and then she would naturally become that housewife.  My mother’s parents would only put her through nursing school where as her brother could choose any University he desired.  My mother took it and then put herself through a state college and later law school to become a small handful of women first to pass the Bar the first time.

Our generation has never experienced all the hardships of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers and beyond that.  We never lived during a time when the law allowed a man to beat his wife if she was “misbehaving”.  We weren’t around when the father could choose our husband despite our pleas.  We have a choice as to going to whatever college or University, to stay home or become doctors, lawyers, and space engineers without even one eyebrow raise from society.

We have no idea what all those women of the yonder years had to go through to get us the basic right to vote.  Women were beaten, separated from their children and ostracized by others for wanting this right that we take for granted.

Here in the USA, we take most things for granted.  Clean water, food, housing, government assistance and programs, education, and our freedom.  Yes, things aren’t so perfect with the government, especially right now, however, we have no clue what it’s like elsewhere unless we have done missionary work.

In other countries, girls are being married off at age 12 and not allowed to finish school.  In other countries they have no rights, can still be beaten and raped by their husbands legally.  In other countries, they have no choice as to how many children they have or if they would rather go to college and become doctors.  In other countries, female infants are still being killed because they weren’t born boys.

So, feminism isn’t about crazy broads hating men or marching in the streets with their brazerres blazing on poles.  It’s about humans treating each other with respect no matter what gender you are.

Women all over the world are still working, praying, fighting, just to have basic rights that all humans should have.  The right to vote, be educated, be doctors, leaders, to be treated with common respect and not traded and married off like cattle, to be treated like an equal.

So, nothing chaps my hide more than women over here being so proud to announce how they are “non-feminist”.  Sure you are.  You never had it so good and you are probably married to a great guy.  But don’t forget…or maybe educate yourself on why you have such rights and freedom and thank a strong and loving woman for raising your husband to be respectful.  And don’t be blind to the reality that so many women still don’t have what you have.

I live in a house with nothing but men.  Even my dogs are male.  But I am the queen for sure.  I’m the only person my husband really trust through and through, more than his male friends, and I trust him more than most men.  I am my son’s world and they are my life.  As for the male dogs, well, they are our protectors and beggars of snacks.

I believe that in this new age we, as women, need to make sure all women have rights and protection, education, and choices.  We need to raise our sons with deep love, adoration, affection, attentiveness, and care and have their fathers back us up.  We need to raise our daughters to be empowered and feel that they can conquer the world if they choose and to respect themselves, their minds, and their bodies and not give any of it away to anyone that doesn’t earn it or deserve it.

That to me is feminism.

For what all the other countries and cultures and men need to get is this basic truth.  Without women, there would be no man.  Once men begin to cherich the women and protect the girls, they will learn what thier true purpose is.

6 thoughts on “For the “Non Feminist” women.

    1. I have a bumper sticker on my car (that my husband drives now) and it faded so I barely remember what it said but something like “feminism is the crazy notion that women are equal too” or something like that. I love that my Indian husband drives a car with hearts on his car seat and feminist bumper stickers.

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