Sacramento, the new “in” city.

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This is a photo of Old Town Sacramento right next to the downtown Sacramento where I live…for the next few days until I move 40 minutes away to a much, much smaller town.

Sacramento is becoming the next hot spot for bay area millennials and companies that can no longer handle the rising rents and cost of the San Francisco and Silicon Valley life.  All of the Bay Area has become outrageously expensive and now they will be bringing their small fortunes here where a beautiful home in a nice and family oriented neighborhood will cost 1/4th of what it would in the city.  The homes here that are around 275K and 325K would go for an easy million in San Francisco.

So, Sacramento is becoming the fastest growing city with the highest rent and housing price increases.  The good part of all this is that the city, that was once neglected and had whole streets that were abandoned, is now getting fixed up and groomed for a new life.  They are turning it into a green walking city and either renovating old and beautiful buildings are rebuilding altogether.  “Grey areas” that were just abandoned lots are set to become the beautiful shopping and touring areas and old homes are being bought up and fixed up.

This truly is the best place for a family.  We have incredible parks, forest preserves, a list of family activities too long to list and more being created all the time for the outdoorsy folk and children.  We have Old Town Sac and the river.  Many rivers actually, and small and charming towns along the Delta for all the boating activities.  We are in the middle of farms and beautiful agricultural life.  Not to mention our neighbors are places like Truckee, Tahoe, and the bay area.

We have Placerville with Apple Hill farms for the fall and winter fun of apple picking and Christmas tree hauling.  We have tons of small western towns that have become tourist attractions such as Sutter Creek with all its wine tasting and shopping.  We have the big farms right outside the city for pumpkin picking and corn mazes.  We have a huge Farm to Fork movement.  We have colleges and Universities, including Davis.

This place is happening!!

How the city folk will deal with their 4 hour daily commutes?  This place is a dream with its weather and affordable housing (for today) and family feel.   Not to mention that the people here are so, so very nice.  But what happens after a few years of commuting 4 hours a day and 5 days a week?  Perhaps a super fast light rail train for the commuters? Maybe they already have that dialed in and I am the last to be clued in?

I’m thrilled to see the downtown coming alive.  4 short years ago I took a friend to check out the city.  We walked along K street, or maybe J street, and all the old buildings were abandoned, the streets were empty except a few homeless.  It looked like an apocalypse had occurred.  I thought back then that it had so much wasted potential so I’m glad that it is getting fixed up and some life breathed into it.

I have loved living here and on the Delta.  However, I’m not much for the crazy freeways everywhere and the crowdedness.  We are a city of 1.2 million and I am out of here!  I’ll be close enough to visit and have fun and then skedaddle back to my new little dusty town of Yuba City.

Yuba City is also getting spruced up and prices are increasing over there.  We got in just in time and this is a God given gift of a miracle.  I have felt for years that we are always late to the party but this time we made it in through the doors of opportunity just in time.

For some of you Sacramento families feeling pushed out, never fear, Yuba City and other towns nearby are becoming fixed up, cleaned up, and charmed out.  They are still affordable and far quieter.

Come on over!


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