Why it’s more important than ever to become sustainable and green.


With Donald pulling out of our Global Climate Change deal and pushing the coal as a way to start up our economy, I was feeling my old fears creeping back into the late night hours when one lays in bed trying to slumber peacefully before another long shift of homemaking and child rearing.  I started to think the old defeatist thoughts of doom and gloom.

Then I received a letter from Al Gore.  Not personally, of course, but it was a chain letter on email to all us grassroots environmentalist.  He was talking about how, despite Trump’s backward efforts, we would keep going forward.  He spoke of a sustainable and green movement that has gained so much momentum over the years that it is unstoppable and all the corporations and groups, big and small, that are on board to make changes for this environment.  He talked of all the incredible achievements we have already made such as towns that are almost 100% clean energy and how we are reducing pollution daily with all our efforts.  This sustainable movement has gained such huge momentum that we can maybe sleep some at night.

It seems that Trump has come to this game and is playing the role in this drama as the bad guy to wake us all up.  He is serving a great purpose in doing that.  He plays the villain and we all come alive and begin to fight the good fight spurned on by our feelings of revulsion for this very bad king.  And we have…awakened that. There are more groups and movements than ever before and I truly believe that even with the US now out of the Paris agreement and reopening coal mines, we will convert to clean energy and morph into a green country faster than you can blink.  Why?  Because so many feel motivated to do the opposite of what these old, white politicians are doing.  They are from the olden days, a time that has passed, this is a new age.  Coal, humph, that is so old school.  Coal stopped working ages ago.  Whole cities are starting to go all natural 100%.

Even on a small scale, I see us humans changing.  I see more people biking and walking than ever.  Organics have grown some 30 billion dollars (I may or may not be exaggerating)  and even corporate farms are testing out organics and biodiverse farming.  Forest and Amazons are being protected and replanted because farmers have seen what happens with over farming and deforestation.  The soil turns to sand and will no longer serve you.  The Great Mother will not take care of us if we abuse her.

People are becoming aware every day.  They are watching what they eat, concerned about the environment, paying attention to where their money goes, installing solar, working closer to home so they can bus or bike, spending more on non-GMO popcorn, reading labels, reading reports.

I recently moved to a farming community.  I live in town and have my own small bit of land.  For me, it is a wonderful opportunity to really practice all my sustainable and green tricks.  I started my homemade compost behind the detached garage and went to work planting fruit trees, a strawberry patch and two really big raised garden beds.  As soon as I find my rope I will hang my clothes line.  We also walk to whatever we can which is almost everything.  I will be shopping at Farmers Markets and I buy pretty much all organics and free range.

Even Grocery Outlet has tons of organics, nonantibiotic meat, and free range eggs now.  Lowes and Home Depot had so many organic compost and soils I had trouble choosing.  Change is here.  People want to change, they want to be connected to nature and eat clean.  People want to feel the soil in their hands and get back to the land even if just a bit such as more trees in their city.

I recycle, reuse, compost, donate to causes that are actually teaching people how to fish not just giving them handouts.  I am careful about where I spend my money and I try to stay local, local, local.

A green and frugal life is far easier than some might think.  It’s also fun, inspiring, and creates such peace of mind and freedom in life that once you really get into it and live it for a time you will not be able to go back to anything less.

A frugal lifestyle means choosing libraries and movies in the park over Barns and Noble and the Cinema 6 (although I love the movie theater and try to get a movie night once a month).  It means creating a compost in your backyard instead of throwing away food scraps from the salad you made that night.  Frugal means spending more time at home and learning to love it and getting all sorts of free or inexpensive projects going.  It means hanging your clothes on a rope outside instead of running the dryer all day.  Then there is the next step of baking your own bread and gardening, planting your own herbs and fruit trees, and cooking from scratch.  These are easy things to do and they save money, are good to the environment, create more of a homey feel, the family enjoys it and benefits because some of these actions mean healthier foods and more family time.

Living sustainably and being thrifty creates more peace of mind in two ways: one is that you get out of debt and don’t have that burden, and the other is that you learn to slow down and be present because you aren’t running here and there shopping and spending money, using car gas and making pollution.

Times are changing, some for the good of all humanity, Earth and all the creatures.  Some changes aren’t good for anyone or thing.  We must be strong, smart and wise in our choices and how we create our worlds right in our backyards.  It’s time to become aware of our effects on the whole world.  We can do it right at home, we can make huge impacts and influence thousands by our actions.

Walk to work, bring your own tin water bottle and cloth shopping bag.  Grow a garden, hang a clothesline, get chickens, donate to great causes, sign petitions to save jungles and Gorillas, plant trees.  Care and love and show it.  Get out of debt, reduce your footprint, your waste.  Let’s go back to how our great grandmothers lived.  They were sparing and shrewd.  They wasted nothing and they had fruit bearing trees and gardens in their yards, not pools (although pools are great).  They saved and reused everything!  And back then there was half the population.  Now we’ve doubled and the waste is ridiculous.  But that is changing.  Be a part of that.  Make it into a game, have fun with it.

I have very motivating and fun books out on Amazon to teach frugality and sustainability.  My books are all .99 cents so everyone can afford them.  The most enjoyed and popular right now is my new book The Homemade Housewife.


8 thoughts on “Why it’s more important than ever to become sustainable and green.

  1. Great post Kate. We do what we can. I’ve looked into the start up costs for going sustainable and much of it is out of our budget, however, simplifying right where you are is always possible.

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  2. Great article, and I like Al Gore’s point. I think it applies to a lot of issues, such as gay rights, treatment of minorities, view on illegal immigrants, women’s rights, etc. That stone is rolling downhill and many people are feeling more emboldened to state their view and Donald won’t convince them to roll his stone back up hill. You see this response with the sanctuary cities. I personally made a vow this year to focus my reading for my job (elementary library) on kids from life situations other than my own. Diverse kid lit is where it’s at!

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      1. Right. A wake up call for sure. I have actually written to a senator since the election, something I never did before. I have no problem with people being informed democrat or republican, but I sure do have a problem with elected officials who don’t listen to what their constituents are saying. Wait till they are up for reelection!


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