Making global changes from your own backyard.

How Women Farmers are Changing U.S. Agriculture

I found this link and wonderful article while looking for a photo for the topic of making a difference in this world without even leaving your home.

Now, this article is about how women farmers are growing here in the US and making changes in farming with organics and sustainable farming.  I know from several articles I skimmed today that this is actually a global thing.  Women all over the world are taking up the plow and making a difference.

But how do we make a difference right at home?  Be you a homemaker or office lady or gent, you can make a huge difference without much effort, let me show you some ways:

  • Put your money toward companies and establishments that are doing business and farming in sustainable, conscientious ways that take into account all humans and animals and the Mother Earth.
  • Discontinue buying from companies not practicing ethical and environmentally kind, responsible ways.
  • Support organic farming, especially local farming.
  • Support local mom and pop shops and stores.
  • Plant trees.
  • Plant flowers that feed the bees and birds.
  • Hang bird feeders and water feeders, especially during summer months or droughts.  Water those squirrels too, they plant trees.
  • Learn ways to conserve water.
  • Don’t waste food.
  • Replace your lawn with a garden and share the food with elders and lower income families.
  • Bring your own bags when you shop.
  • Don’t buy plastic bottles.  Either get a filter on the faucet or a Britta pitcher and use reusable bottles.
  • Choose some charities you care about and become a member and donate monthly.  Even $10 here and there helps.
  • Help your neighbors, especially elders that may need help mowing a lawn or going shopping once a week.
  • Adopt pets from shelters.
  • Consider Foster care or adoption of children.  Even overseas adoption.
  • Consider planning your family and stopping at two or three children.  We do have a population issue that also needs to be taken seriously.
  • Try having a few vegetarian days a week or go vegetarian completely.  This is sometimes very hard to adjust.  Our family is down to a chicken a week and that is it but we do like meat, sadly.
  • Get rid of a car and walk everywhere.
  • Try to live, work, shop, and play locally.  This will create an amazing community for you and your family.
  • Homeschool and teach your children manners, integrity, and caring for others and the Earth.
  • Volunteer a few hours a week.
  • make your own house cleaners and laundry detergent that is green and clean for the environment.

These are just some brainstorming ideas.  See what you come up with!


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