Recreating yourself as a writer.


I have been writing homemaking, frugal, and self-help books for two years now and I have really loved it.  It’s become very fun and easy and I love inspiring others to enjoy a life that can become mundane quickly if we don’t take an almost Tao like approach to the life of homemaking on a tiny budget.  Right?

Along with that sort of writing and blogging, I have also written some fiction.  I’m on my 4th book right now.  I’ve created a pen name that is no secret, I just wanted to create a sort of alter ego that was about the make believe and daydreaming rather than the Kate Singh that is about watering down your dish soap and reusing coffee filters to save a dime.  Who would take me seriously?

The pen name is for me to separate myself into something fun, dreamy and playful.  This is the side of me that loves movies and theater.  The side of me that should have been an actress but didn’t have the courage.  The side of me that has written a hundred short stories and movies scenes in her head.  This part of me is more extravagant, has great taste and doesn’t skimp on things or save coupons.  When she hears a song she sees a movie montage.  When she reads a book she thinks of how it could be more interesting.  When she watches movies she analyzes the characters and critics the music, the cinematography, the setup, the lines, the emotions and how they were portrayed.

I’ve thought of starting a blog for this side of me but what would I write about so often?  I would post my books and then what?  Sadly, there I find more pleasure in discussing sustainable when recipes for laundry wash or advice on decluttering and mothering patiently.

Maybe I could start a blog and write about writing…oh, wait, I do that here.  I could analyze movies…but that’s not about books.  I could write about books but I’ve already taken a book tour and now I’m back to reading my Amish fiction and I can say with all assuredness, no one cares.

I have been back to listening to my Abraham with Esther Hicks on Law of Attraction.  Funny how you hear it differently every time you go back and have grown more.  It seems so simple but it’s not when you’re human and each time I return I hear it in a new way, get it just a bit more, go a little deeper.

I realized why we don’t manifest on incredible levels.  We try to jump from a cottage to a castle and that doesn’t feel natural so it doesn’t manifest.  You have to take little steps, chew small bites.  You go from a shack to a cottage to a condo to a condo by the beach to a 3 bedroom to a farm house with 5 bedrooms to….you get it.

I really can’t write any more about house cleaning or baking with only three ingredients. I need a new challenge.  I new personality.  It’s like my house, I have to rearrange the living room every three months.  I’m bored and so it’s time to create new things.

I told the Universe and God of my intentions to find as much, if not more, pleasure and fulfillment and fun in writing fiction now as I have with the other books.  I look forward to finding my fan base and seeing it grow and to see my finances grow and flow to me abundantly.

I’ve been studying all sorts of writing books.  I’m not one to take a class, there is no time for that in my world.  I find them annoying and slow moving.  I love the DIY education.  I’ve turned to Stephen King and many books on script writing (believe it!  they are great for learning how to write an exciting book).  I’ve read stacks of authors…and now I’m resting with my Amish fiction.

I’ve got a little spot on Amazon with my three starter novellas.  I just have to debate this blog thing.  The question would be if I had enough to share and would I have to let this blog go?  I love this blog.  Nah, I think I’ll just combine the two.  I never have done things conventionally.  The first time I drove the bumper cars I went the opposite way and that has been a foreshadowing of my life.


8 thoughts on “Recreating yourself as a writer.

  1. I hope you keep the blog–I really enjoy it. Could you possibly do a post on the various books on writing that you have found helpful? I love fiction too, and Amish fiction is also one of my favorites. I’ve always wanted to write a fiction book, but as much as I love coming up with the ideas, I have trouble staying focused on getting the story actually written. I’m more of a poetry/essay writer.

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  2. I’m finding your blog so great to read! When I’m not writing on mine, I’m taking care of my home and being frugal! I’m reading and love Amish books! Suggestions! Were poor in Ky. But happier than I’ve ever been in Ky life married now for 5 years, and didn’t !carry for the first time until I was 47 and God got it right for sure! I’ve know him since I was 13! I’ve done much research about writing and self publishing all I’ve lived through, survived to tell and to be living a,happy normal life now is enough! I can so relate to all you write! I’ve been through it all! Love your blog keep writing and I’ll be reading! Prayers and love to you and your family for all your going through! #PrayingDaily

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