Every Penny.

Every Penny: One families journey living on one small income by [Singh, Kate]

New book free this week.  This is my story growing up poor, getting into debt young, getting out of debt, and then my married life as a housewife and mother making it work on one small income.



26 thoughts on “Every Penny.

  1. I’ve read your book this afternoon and loved it! Your books are definitely a one sitting read! Love those! I also loved how I got to read about your earlier lie. It sounded exciting with all the travel! Oops! Great writing Kate! again I KNEW IT WOULD BE!

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      1. I am really enjoying your site and read some of your articles but I can’t find were to make comments and then I had to sign in and then it said I made an error…Lord! I just wanted to say keep up the stories on how you and the man are getting by, they inspire all of us!


  2. Loved this book! You are so inspirational Kate, you are really helping me turn my life around. I’ve devoured and reread your books when I find I need different advice about things. I feel like you’re my personal guide in life sent by the universe. I would really love to download Queen of penny pinching as getting out of debt is my main focus but the kindle version on amazon UK is actually quern housewife and mama (which I also have and loved), would you be able to check into that at all? Thanks!

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    1. Ok, I just looked at the US and UK sites and it is the proper book. I had read your review months ago and fixed it. Please let me know if you have an issue still and I will fix it. Thank you for your in put and kind words.


    2. Just one more thing, if you have The Homemade Housewife, you probably won’t need Queen of Penny Pinching as I put all the best of all my books into that one. Might want to save a little money and skip it. I post lots of ideas on getting out of debt on this blog. Look in my budgeting category. 🙂


      1. Hi Kate – thanks for checking into that for me. I do have THH ( I have all your books aside from Penny Pinching) and I have learned a lot from your blog too. I think I will skip QofPP then and save the 99p 🙂

        Keep up the good work, I thoroughly enjoy your books and blog posts and as I said, I feel like you speak directly to me at a time when I have really needed it so thanks!

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  3. I just thought I’d tell you, you have a typo in your subtitle. I don’t know if it’s too late to fix it, but it should be Family’s, singular possessive, since it’s one family and a journey belonging to them.


    1. Darn it! I even have these books edited and we all missed that. Well, unfortunately, it is too late as I would have to change the title too but I will look into this. Thank you, I do appreciate the feed back.


    2. Oh thank heavens, I wasn’t seeing things when I thought, “Is that spelled right?” lol–it’s any easy mistake to make. But then, that’s part of the charm of self published books–it shows that the authors are just as human as we readers.

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