Homemaking tips to simplify and reduce stress in your daily work.


It’s been a hot start to summer and with 109 and 111 degree weather, the boys and I have had to create a world inside our home with air conditioning.  We do the gardening and exercise early and then retreat indoors.

Being indoors for days has given me the opportunity to finish unpacking the last of the trinkets and do a little decorating and rearranging.  We just moved to our new home a month ago and there has been so much major work that the little stuff had to wait.

I’m reading The Everything Stress Management book right now and getting a couple fun ideas.  It’s filled with good ideas but nothing new to someone who has been working on simplifying their life for years.  However, it did get me thinking about how stressful and tiring homemaking can be if you don’t have a few things that you manage and simplify.  These are just a few tips that have helped me long term.

There are three things that will improve your life as a homemaker: a clean house, a household budget, and self-care.

A clean house.  There is much more to it than just a clean house.  How do you make cleaning and keeping a home clean easier and more efficient?  Decluttering.  The more you clean out the mess, the piles of papers and stuff, get rid of what you don’t want or need or use…the easier it is to clean and move about the house.  Set a date to really clean out that room or the whole house and get a friend to help.  I have many write ups on this subject if you look in my home Cleaning and Organizing sections.  It really makes all the difference and makes house cleaning up to 40% faster.

Then there is the art of Feng Shui.  You can really get into it or just do it “instinctually”.  This is where you take a room and clear it out, rearrange and clean it until it has that wonderful feeling of “yes, now this feels good!”  It is the art of everything having a place and creating space in all the rooms.  Of course, it also is about energy flow and creating abundance.

A clean and tidy home will set the mood, clear the mind and give you energy.  Our home is an expression of our inner world.

Household Budget.  This is so very important for peace, joy, and freedom for the whole family. Dave Ramsey is a good one to look up at daveramsey.com.  My books are great for creating detailed but easy budgets and learning to be frugal and thrifty, save money and get out of debt.  The Homemade Housewife or my Queen of Penny Pinching on Amazon will go into all of this.

It is an art to learn how to spend under your means and cut cost everywhere you can.  Groceries and shopping outside the bills and rent/mortgage are where you can save a lot of money.  My two bits of quick advice is to reduce the grocery bill by half and to stop spending all together for just a month to see where you are financially.  If you are doing well but just need to get organized then make a budget for a peace of mind.  You’ll know what needs to be done after that.

Self-care.  When the mother of the house is happy, everyone is happy.  I exercise daily a half hour.  I love to read on the tread climber.  I am also currently trying to practice meditation.  I just won’t sit and meditate.  Tried for years and it doesn’t work for me.  I do practice the art of being present or even walking meditations.  I simply try not to think about anything especially the future or the past.  I work on being in the moment all moments.  I’m still new at it but I see what happens when I start fretting about the future and the world.  I get moody and depressed.  When I stay present and in gratitude, I feel happy and peaceful.  Being mindful, that’s what it’s called.

I’m also very careful as to what I put in my mind.  The movies, books, and music I listen to are all clean, wholesome and positive.  Not to say I don’t enjoy some sci-fi shoot em’ up at times.  Creating a spiritual program is as easy as watching Joyce Meyers in the morning with a cup of coffee or listening to Abraham with Esther Hicks on Youtube while cleaning the kitchen.

Above all try to relax.  Don’t over schedule you or the family, take time to play and rest.  This job of mothering and homemaking goes on forever so it’s best to find your pace and ways to make it easy.

Some great websites:

This one of course.




Top 100 Homemaking Blogs Every Homemaker Must Follow in 2019


There are literally thousands of blogs on homemaking and frugal living.  It is very popular now.  We are going back to how our great grandmothers did things and for the better.






4 thoughts on “Homemaking tips to simplify and reduce stress in your daily work.

  1. Good Morning Kate, I like this post so much. In real life, I know very few women who enjoy being at their homes and homemaking. Reading posts like this remind me I’m not alone even though it sometimes seems that way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, after enjoying your blog and several blogs from your blog and so on, I realized what a huge community of homemakers we have. I love being a homemaker, the alternative is working in mainstream and I did that for over 20 years.


  2. I was employed when I had to be but my heart was always at home. Since you looked at my blog roll, you know I am drawn to other homemakers.
    I know your heart is at home and I also know you need an economic future. Your writings are so good, I hope you can grow your blog to where it will earn a living for your family. So many bloggers are making a living this way.


    1. Well, I’ve made $3.49 in a year.:) My blog has grown like crazy lately but I don’t think that will be the money maker. My books are doing well and they will have to make our family the money. Other than that I feel like we have a really good life and I never feel poor. Yes, I wouldn’t mind a bit more of a money flow but don’t we all?

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