Having fun and spending nothing on fixing up your cottage.


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We purchased a HUD home this spring for a shockingly inexpensive amount of $135,000.  It had “good bones”, as they say, but needed some intense scrubbing and painting, along with little repairs to the electric and plumbing.  The painting and planting of lots of trees and plants brought this cottage to life and we love it.

As we go onward with this project we have decided not to spend any more money due to other issues and wanting to save like crazy.  We are using what we have already.  When we painted the house, I had chosen different colors for each room and we have all sorts of paint left along with 10 gallons of our crazy blue outside paint.

My kitchen was very white and was looking dirty very fast.  We used up some yellow and blue.  I find the kitchen far more cheerful some days and some days I feel like I’m cooking in a lemonade stand.



Here is another example of white looking dirty so we had fun with the left over colors.

We are using up what we have, not spending any more money and having fun.  The other day I picked up a free chicken coop that is fairly solid but made out of scraps.  I will paint it a bright blue to match our house since we have all that blue paint left.  Pictures soon to come.

When you decide not to spend money and this decision is solid, you will amaze yourself at how creative and industrious you will become.  I have decided to see just how much of my needs I can have met for free.  The chicken coop was the first gift.  I see chickens all the time being given away.  Once we have the chicken cottage ready and cozy, I will find our new chicken family and bring them home to roost.

I’m not half or even a quarter as creative as most ladies out there.  Pinterest will give you great ideas.  If only I could paint I would do murals on our ugly section of cement.



8 thoughts on “Having fun and spending nothing on fixing up your cottage.

  1. OOOO….exciting news on decorating my own little nest. I wanted to do my son’s bed and bathroom in a western style, but my budget is small…as in tiny, miniscule, bare bones, practically non existent. So I put out the word on Facebook (it does have it’s uses) to see if anyone had any decorations, bedding etx, that they didn’t want anymore. This morning at church, a young couple took me out to their truck and gave me a lot of really nice decorations! With what they are saving me, I can put my money towards buying my son a really nice western themed comforter and a good paint for his walls. See how much your blogging inspires folks! Keep writing!

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    1. I love free stuff!! Evelyn, give me your blog again. I was enjoying it the other day and must not have tagged or bookmarked it properly and I was trying to mention you in a blog and didn’t have the blog URL…


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