Why having a relationship with God brings me peace and solace.


God is something that I, as a human with my human limits, cannot really ever grasp in all His infinite, wise, mystical, magical, greatness.  That is why there is Jesus.  Jesus gives us something, someone that we can understand and communicate with.

I was raised atheist but today I have a relationship with the Divine.  I refer to God as Spirit, The Creator, Jesus…it’s all the same thing.  We are connected to God at all times and can be guided, provided for, and protected by this Greatness if we just ask and choose.  We have free choice.

I also believe in metaphysics and quantum physics and all that Law of Attraction.  If you read the bible closely you will see that Jesus shares with us these Laws and teaches us the art of manifestation.  He teaches us how to find the Light and that we can create our reality how we want it.  Many of us don’t believe we have control but we do.  With God, all things are possible we just have to believe.  And the greatest strength is to believe with out seeing.  Here is a site I found this morning on the Bibles teachings and Manifesting.

How the Teachings of the Bible are Related to the Law of Attraction

It is not about money, power, or things.  It is about the mind and making it right so you can live right and reap the benefits of that wholesome rightness.  It is not about rules and being a sinner.  It’s about finding the light, love, and purpose to live richly while here in human form.

I love Jesus because he was in human form for a bit and I can relate to that.  God is so big I can’t wrap my little mind around Him.  I know that I am connected and extended from His source though.

I see my connection when I ask a question and I get an answer through a person, song, or open a book and there is the answer.  I pray for help and get it in all sorts of forms, not always the way I understand but always for the best.  I’m provided for in ways that are amazing and abundant.  I am protected always.

Recently we are having some family issues.  Things were happening that were out of my hands but I have been sent all sorts of people to help me, fight for me, give me support emotionally and financially.

My spouse was almost deported recently and, while he was being held in preparation for deportation, I was left alone at home with two little boys, two dogs, and Maggie the cat.  I have this new house and mortgage, I’m a housewife and I homeschool, my life was cozy and comfortable.  Now my provider and head of the family was gone.

I freaked out for a day and then I just let go.  I felt like I couldn’t fight this, I had to put it in Gods hands and really learn how deep my faith was.

And it turned out my faith was deep.  I let go and went about my days tending to children and pets, watering the fruit trees, weeding the strawberry patch, mowing the front lawn.  I worked hard each day to stay busy and I listened to positive and uplifting music.  I was not going to go to fear.  Not that it didn’t creep in at night when the house was quiet and darkness surrounded me.

But God took very good care of me.  He brought us Joette, our adopted grannie, who moved in and set about cooking and giving us all love and comfort.  Some of my family and the boy’s godparents jumped in and began to do incredible things such as go to San Francisco to meet with our attorney and call Congressman John Garamendi’s office and began a relationship with both.  They made incredible things happen.  They fought my battle when I couldn’t.  They paid for things that I didn’t have money for.

We just moved to this town but we already have more support than I have ever had in any town I have lived in.  The neighbor ladies surrounded me with love and support.  The new pastor came over to offer help, food, money.

Songs came on Pandora that reminded me to just fill my heart with faith and joy.  Everything would be taken care of.  Many people didn’t want to say it but they were sure Bali wouldn’t be coming home.

He was returned to us a week later.

I learned a lot about my relationship with God.  I love this relationship because it brings me joy in the good times, gratitude in the spars times, and peace in the hard times.  How can you be afraid when you are connected to the Creator of all that is and you have that Christ energy with in you, with you, next to you, watching over you always.  Ask and you shall receive.  Have the faith of a mustard seed.



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