Winter gardens, free chickens, and other thoughts.


I’ve been talking chickens for years.  Finally, due to some life events, I decided that doing is what’s needed here.  Doing and doers.  Just like Elvis’s song “a little less talk and a lot more action!”  Yes, sir!

You can sit around researching on the web and get those piles of books from the library and look very scholarly…or you can jump in and do that research and reading as you go.  I learn at least 3 things from every mistake I make.  Or at least that is what I tell myself when I’m self-soothing after a disaster.

So, no more pondering chickens.  I went out and found myself a chicken coop for free the other day.  It was a real pain in the rear to haul over here.  The lady said two people were needed to move it but she should have said two mammoth men from the WWF.  My husband and I really struggled and broke one of the coop legs and tore the bottom wiring.  It rode lopsided in the back of the truck all the way home.  We had to drive so slow everyone passed us and no one honked, they were sympathetic to our chicken coop plight.

Yesterday Arjan and Sammy had a fun morning of painting it yellow and, as I painted with them and watched Sammy dribble paint onto Arjan’s hair as he tried to man his brush and both of them painting recklessly, the music playing from the laundry room window and Joette outside with us planning her kitchen herb garden…I really adored my life.  If we had purchased a fancy new coop what fun would there have been in that?  My husband learned more skills last night as he repaired the damage and we had a great morning painting. And we spent not a penny.  Even the paint was left over from the kitchen cabinets.

Now, for the free chickens.  I see people giving away chickens all the time on Craigslist.  Not to mention this town has wild chickens everywhere.  We have chickens in most store parking lots and you can hear the roosters all day.  We are chicken city.


Joette is a great inspiration.  She lived on a ranch for years and they grew and canned all their food.  She loves the idea of homesteading as well and we read our books and blogs, watch our favorite Youtube shows and plan our own urban farm.  She has encouraged me to start my winter garden (since I missed out on the summer one) and I’m surprised at how much I can grow this fall.  If you are in zone 9, that would be a hot agricultural area like Sacramento-Sutter, you can start growing a list of things starting in September.  Here are two great sites to see planting schedules for your zone:

Winter gardens:

Some things that do well in the fall and winter depending on your climate would be peas, lettuce, kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cucumbers, cauliflower, beets, potatoes, and carrots.

Fall is also a great time to plant trees, frui, and shade.   There are also many things you can plant from scraps with out buying seeds such as celery, onions, carrots, ginger root, and lemon grass.

Don’t forget potatoes.  We have all had the basket of potatoes that have taken root.  Cut them up and stick them in the ground.  Easy.

Joette will be doing the herb garden in the kitchen window as I have the perfect shelf and corner windows in my kitchen.  We have clay pots and soil so seeds are all we need.

Guess what else you can grow in your windows? Sprouts!  Those are very easy.  If you have a mason jar and screen lid you are ready.  It’s so much cheaper to make your own sprouts vs the store bought.  You can get alfalfa seeds in the bulk section and make them weekly.  They are packed with nutrition and for elders that can’t do lettuce, this is a great substitute.

Onward and upward!  We are off to get seeds and alfalfa sprout seeds.




8 thoughts on “Winter gardens, free chickens, and other thoughts.

      1. I’m pretty sure Elvis wasn’t singing about backyard farming either. It’s funny to think about it though.
        I also think it’s funny your town has wild chickens all over. I think if my town had any wild chickens, people would be fast to claim them and probably barbecue them.

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      2. We have tons of hens and roosters in all the business parking lots. Some more than others because some areas feed and water more, such as WinCo. You hear crowing the minute you get out of the car.


  1. While the city I live in voted down having chickens, I have heard that chickens only lay eggs for a few years, then they are often turned over to animal shelters (at least in Brooklyn). I would make sure your free chickens cans still lay eggs or that you know how/have someone butcher them for you. Keep us posted on your journey!


    1. I already have the girls. You’ll read it in future blogs. They are 11/2 to 2 year old factory rescues. I joined all sorts of sites and chickens never stop they just slow down. I couldn’t eat these ladies. They are so scruffy but I adore them already. They run to me every morning and gather around my feet.

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      1. I’m using all the poop and straw on my strawberry bed. I was watching the veganathlete on Youtube and he has an amazing food forest in the desert. You should check it out. I’ll blog about that too. I need to stop posting so far in advance.

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