Tid bits of stuff about hens, cast iron pans, and so on.


Let’s start off with this vegan burger.  Amy’s veg burgers are super cheap at Grocery Outlet if you have one.  I love the potato bread buns because they are soft and doughy.  I then load up the burger with avocado, butter pickles, tomato, red onions, vegan cheese if you like, and lots of sauce!  Oh boy!

You can make your own healthy fries with Idaho potatoes cut up like steak fries and bake with olive oil and salt.  Another oh boy!

Did I mention that along with the health benefits, it’s also inexpensive compared to McDonald’s.  Unless you do the dollar menu…but they don’t have that now, it’s the two dollar menu.  And you pay extra for a vegetable.

My hens are doing great despite my nervousness.  They laid an egg on the way home from Animal Place the first day and gifted me with 4 eggs the very next day with us.  I gifted them with a whole head of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, watermelon, carrot and broccoli scraps, along with the crumble.  We are having another heat wave in August (that is when I wrote this obviously) and I have taken to going out and misting my girls periodically.  They love it.  They have a shade tree and under the coop is cool but it’s 104 today.

I have some great new blogs I’m enjoying:






Then there are all my new urban farming sites I’ve joined and am learning so much on:





I’m learning from these sites, blogs, and library books, of course.  It’s fun.  It’s such a joy to see my garden sprouting, to see my chickens getting healthier each day, to see fruit growing on my new trees.  To become more self-sufficient each year and paying less and less for food.  But most of all it’s healing and creative.  I enjoying watering in the mornings with my coffee and thoughts, the birds chatting above my head.

Another book that is really informative from the library (but I may have to buy)

Image result for backyard homesteading by david tohot

Hot Hens

It’s another heat wave and I just got my sweet hens.  They are Leghorns and able to withstand the heat.  Still, it’s 108 today.  I have found a few things to keep the chickens from expiring on me.

  • Wet the ground under the coop to create a coolness from damp combined with shade.
  • Mist the hens with a hose nozzle on mist.  They love this and stand in it for long periods of time.  They quickly stop panting and having their wings out as they cool quickly from the cool water mist.
  • Have their pen under a tree or several trees.  It’s cruel to just have animals in direct heat.  I see poor cows out in pastures with out shade and it makes me so mad.
  • Create shade.  If you don’t have a tree make a gazebo or pergola.
  • Have a lot of cool water.  The chicken experts say put ice in the water or throw out ice cubes and they get cooler pecking and drinking from them.  Frozen packets of veggies or corn.
  • Cold water melon, rind and all.  Put this out to hydrate, cool, and entertain.
  • Cool the area around and under the coop at night when it’s still hot.  I water the lawn around the coop and right under to create a cool down in the evening as well as through the day.  Some times the nights to cool down so well.

I’m sure everyone knows this hen care but I’m a new mother so I’ll think I’m brilliant many time through this growing period.

My girls have only been with us a couple days but they are already following me around because they know that I’m the great hen Mother.  I just love these birds already.  They are looking a bit cleaner and perkier.  They were up immediately upon sunrise unlike the first morning when they slept in.  They didn’t bicker today so I guess the pecking order has been established.  They gifted me with three eggs today.  The yolks are a bit pale but will be orange soon with all the bugs.  We gave them more scraps and fresh escargot this morning.

Cast Iron Skillet Care

Now is not the time for seasoning the pans, however, when fall comes and the baking and casseroles begin, that is the time to grease up the pans and put them in the oven with the bread and tuna casserole.

Rock salt is great for cleaning an iron skillet.  I use scrub pads but never soap.

Let’s look forward to fall!

Every Penny: A family's journey living on one small income by [Singh, Kate]



9 thoughts on “Tid bits of stuff about hens, cast iron pans, and so on.

  1. You’re doing great with the hens, it’s easy to see that they will be well cared for with you. My horses love watermelon rinds too–the stud carries his around for a while. Maybe it adds to the experience? Thank you for listing my little blog, thank you. Hmmmm….now I will have to up my game to be worthy of the mention!


  2. Good afternoon, what a fun surprise to see my blog mentioned. I’m glad you enjoy it and I so enjoy yours.
    One of the blogs you listed was new to me so I checked it out and it’s so good too, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What blog was that? I’ve been finding some good blogs! I found many blogs on your site that I really enjoy and one of them, Mrs. Sharon White, I have ordered three of her books, they are inspiring and charming. So, thank you for opening up my little world. I’ve enjoyed many a lazy day reading your blogs and all the others I found on your site. I just really love the homemaking ideas from others. Love your pantry, would love to have one like that for myself one day. Perhaps our garage.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Kate, Frugal Living and Crafting is new to me. I’ve read several of her posts and they’re interesting and real.
        I have one of Mrs. White’s books. It’s really sweet and I’ve read it several times. I’ve been reading her blog a long time. I’m sure you will enjoy her books.
        I like my pantry too. It was one of the reasons I liked this home when we were house shopping.
        There are lots of creative ways to make a pantry. I’ve seen other homes where they converted a front closet to pantry and one was in a walk in shower of an unused bathroom even. I’ve no doubt you will continue to use and change up your home in ways it will all work best for your sweet family.


      2. And that is where the fun is with a fixer upper. I got some ideas from your pantry, your monthly shopping, and your container gardening. I really like that Frugal Living and Crafting as well, I stumbled on that one. Just started my second book with Mrs. Sharon on Home Economics, she renews my adoration for keeping a home. Thank you Rhonda, you’be been a blessing.


  3. Down to Earth blog is great too. I think Fresh Eggs blog also suggests having ice or iced water for hens to stand in to keep cool. If their feet are cool it cools their body. Living in the North of England my hens never get that hot! X


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