Recreating an abandoned backyard for very little.




I know this backyard is not going to win any spreads in Home and Garden but I just love it.  This home and backyard had been abandoned for years and only occupied by random squatters.  The yard was all weeds and cement when we moved in and now 3 months later is has life and all sorts of vines and flowers that are growing like crazy.

As you can sort of see, we have the beginnings of a food forest going and I’m still trying to work with all this cement.  I will rearrange things a few more times before next week I’m sure.



It doesn’t take a lot of money to recreate a yard and if you are really the creative sort you can do wonders with a lawnmower and some plants.

Our yard was the workings of a lot of mowing and lawn food, creating gardens in patches of dirt already there and using bricks also found in the yard.  I had some old fencing for my little strawberry patch and purchased strawberry starts for cheap.  The vines are from the neighbor’s yard that I asked them to not cut.  I love that they trail over our fence and I have gorgeous purple and orange blossoms each morning.

You can’t see in this photo but we have four garden beds in the back by the fence, the beginnings of a winter crop, and there are apple trees, plum, Myers lemon, orange, and a mandarine tree planted everywhere.  I have a pomegranate and two Haas avocados in the front.  I also have two wine barrels with watermelon, acorn squash, and cantaloupe growing by the back kitchen door.

It is the beginnings of a backyard food forest and each year it will grow.  I just don’t want to get too overloaded.  However, I find that I look forward to the evenings to water and tend to all my living things.  I am thrilled to see the sprouts coming up from my newly planted garden and the pomegranates growing bigger each day.  It eases my mind when I’m stressed out to just stand in the evening light and soak my trees and look up at the sky and find some peace.

Our yard is the beginning of a small paradise and it’s fun to watch it mature, knowing that each year it will grow and begin to yield all sorts of goodies.  I’m already looking for a shelving unit for my laundry closet so I can do some canning in the future.

Every Penny: A family's journey living on one small income by [Singh, Kate]



14 thoughts on “Recreating an abandoned backyard for very little.

      1. They turned us down flat couldn’t believe it and they post poned there meeting with us ( the couple were buying from) makes me nervous Because I don’t know if there doing something legal or not. We’re praying and we’ll see but if you can’t turn to your church who can you, I was shocked that nothing was offered and it really hurt my heart. We pay tithes their the same as others. I told my husband we don’t go for them but to worship God. Tell Evelyn thank you dearly! And pray please I can only hope God changes their heart and they go for it to work with us. Thank you dearly!

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      2. I have my personal feelings about churches these days. I wrote a blog but deleted it because it wasn’t very positive. Don’t tithe. Save that money for survival and tithing should be what you can afford. I’m sorry to hear this. Be careful with the owners. It may be something not right and it might be a blessing to be out of there.


      3. It’s just been awful Kate. I don’t know what to do. We gave this man 400.00 and he wants the 500.00 on the rear plus our 300.00 payment for Oct. By the 21st I’ve written blogs explaining our situation I managed to receive one 50.00 donation. These people were buying this place from say! Their Christians. Where is the compassion and resources for help in this world . We’re 52, and 53 years of age all of my family is diceased and I’ve never been so scared in my life. WINTERS coming here and we have terribly cold Winters. Please pray and let the prayer group know. I’m so confused and heart broken! Blessed dat and looking forward to your book!


  1. Your yard is wonderful. We’ve been in our home for a year and a half, and while we have accomplished a few things, I am having to wait on a lot of other projects. That’s okay though, I just keep plugging away at everything I can get to.

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  2. For just being in your home, you’ve made oodles of progress. I like the concrete. It’s a great place for a table and chairs, for littles to use wheeled toys and sidewalk chalk and a great place to set pots with things growing in them.
    I hope your trees and plants continue to thrive.

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    1. Your input comes in perfect time as we are trying to reconfigure the concrete patio. I detest it actually and just painted it earth brown. It was stained from the handyman dumping paint buckets on there and looked bad. Now I was thinking a garden on top but Bali is not going for it. I like your input and this may be the way we go. Thank you Rhonda! And yes, we have done a lot…we need to slow down.

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