The benefits of a slower paced and old fashioned way of life.


I was reading an article of a homemaker. She had become habitual about watching The Waltons and the show made her long for a slower paced life and all the sweetness that came with it.  I used to watch that show in my childhood and I also was addicted to the Ingles on Little House on the Prairie.  I was sort of obsessed with pioneers to be clear.  I spent hours drawing log cabins and kitchen gardens, women in long aprons hanging laundry outside, babies crawling in the grass.  I was also into writing back then.  I would write and illustrate my own little pocket books.

I woke up this morning thinking about what I had put so much attention on in my child hood and how it has become a reality.

Here I am with my hens clucking outside my bedroom window.  Here I am with my apron on while I hang out my families laundry.  There are my babies playing in the dirt.  Here I am writing a book or blog at 3:00 AM.  Here is the coffee brewing and bubbling at 5:00 in the morning, some laundry spinning, my long, cotton Laura Ingle nightgown on as I go out and tend to my hens and weed my berry patch.

There are the sounds of music or cartoons in our home but very, very rarely a TV going with movies or the empty shows that people are so hooked into lately.  Social media is not our thing.  Books, books, and more books are what we love.  We get excited about the library and all the bags of books we haul home.

Joette and I work together in the kitchen to bake the weeks bread and make a bean stew and what ever else sounds delicious to feed the family just as Esther and Olivia did on the Waltons.  She and I are planning dishes through the week as we make that evenings meal.  We all sit at the table during meals and talk, feast on a good spread, the boys play, I try to get them to focus and then become distracted myself because of Bali needing this and that and Joette telling a story.  Afterward, Joette and I clean up and chat over dishes washed in the sink full of suds because I have no dish washer in my 1941 house.  I sweep the floors because my vacuum broke and I’m too lazy and cheap to fix it, only partly, mostly I rather enjoy the broom my time together.  It seems that when I sweep everyone disperses and I get some peace.

I don’t delve into social media, I barely keep up with news of any kind, local or global.  Honestly, I can’t stand the outside world in large doses.  I enjoy people when I’m out grocery shopping but only if I go really early before the crowds and riff raff rise and fill the stores.  I’m not anti social and I do see the beauty in humanity…if I keep it limited.

When we go out to do some fun activity it’s not an amusement park or festival.  We go to small, old towns in the mountains and hike trails in the forest by the river.

IMAG1293 (1)

This is partly because my kids are young and I get nervous in crowds and feel like I’m tending to wild puppies that will run off and then I picture them on milk cartoons.  Morbid, I know.  But the biggest reason is that the forest is where you see and hear God.  You see His magnificent work, the wisdom we could never comprehend in our human mind with all its limits.  This is where I listen, my mind goes quiet at last, I can truly hear what He is trying to impart to me, I can feel my deepest of emotions, and this where I cry or heal if I need to.  For my children, it is the safest and most loving place I can bring them.

But the biggest reason is that the forest is where you see and hear God.  You see His magnificent work, the wisdom we could never comprehend in our human mind with all its limits.  This is where I listen, my mind goes quiet at last, I can truly hear what He is trying to impart to me, I can feel my deepest of emotions, and this where I cry or heal if I need to.  For my children, it is the safest and most loving place I can bring them.

We prefer the home cooked meals and being home.  Home is our happy place.  We love to visit some friends.  We are very selective about who we spend time with as our time is precious and we can’t leave home often.  We have gardens, a mini orchard, hens, pets, and a hound that has separation anxiety and all of that and them needs us daily.  So, we spend time with people that enrich our lives, inspire us, love to play, and are positive and thriving, and who truly love us and want to be a part of our lives as we are extremely devoted when we love others.  This way we keep growing in wonderful ways.

When we are home I’m often found writing in my little laundry room office with my afternoon coffee.  The boys will be running around pretending to be in an imaginative dinosaur adventure and tearing up the house making hiding spots out of couch cushions or having me read from the Dinosaur Encyclopedia.  I may be resting on the bed with my library homesteading books about me.  I may be outside in the evening watering our avocado trees and chatting it up with our neighbors over our white picket fence like some scene from the 1950’s.


We don’t shop like some.  I shop online with Craigslist or local swap sites to find things free or at garage sales.  I buy quality bedding and clothing at really good thrift stores in more affluent towns.  Other than that I don’t shop.  We hit a thrift store once a year now.  I don’t even do the local garage sales I see about town because I don’t want to be tempted.  We truly have everything we could possibly need or want.  So much of it, I’ve had to declutter over the years and gift others with our overstock.

I have a kitchen that is stocked properly to do all sorts of scratch cooking.  Today we wanted cornbread with the beans I made yesterday.  We had everything to make it from the bottom up.  We don’t have packaged foods that you just add water to anymore (except some pancake mix from Krusteaz).  Everything seems to require oil, an egg, and baking powder these days.

I have never experienced a Black Friday.  We don’t hang out in Malls.  We don’t watch reality shows.  I’m getting my Directv reduced today as we watch cartoons and Joyce Meyers and that is about it.  I wouldn’t even have it if I wasn’t locked into a painful contract for another year.  I so miss my old antenna.  Which doesn’t work in all towns, I found that out when we moved here.  I loved the old local channels filled with black and white movies,  John Wayne movies, Fred Astaire during the holidays, and some of those corny 80’s sit coms.

The world is going through some big changes right now and, just as birth is painful, so is change.  I pray that we come out of these days enlightened and into a Golden Age.  Who knows what the Creator has planned but the Word says to not fear.  It also says to not be of this world.  I find that the more I create our little nook in this world and mind my own business, the more I choose to live purposely, slowly, and a bit old fashioned…the happier I am.

The Homemade Housewife: The last book you will ever need on homemaking and frugal living by [Singh, Kate]Every Penny: A family's journey living on one small income by [Singh, Kate]




11 thoughts on “The benefits of a slower paced and old fashioned way of life.

  1. Wonderful post! I watched the Walton’s and Little House, take a trip to the library once a week, I stock up on books as my husband pick out movies and he’s even reading. Yay! We very seldom turn the TV on during the day with maybe a movie at night. If my book is better I prefer to read. I prefer a simpler life as well, and then you realize how much “You really don’t need”! Soon I’ll be decluttering and if it’s the last thing I do I will have an umbrella clothes line thanks to you Kate! I’ll have to save I’ve price them and there costly not affordable right now but costly. Now onto: I prayed today that God carry us through us meeting with the couple were buying our house from my cell went off as I write from it ( home phone off) she text and said she can’t make it today. I don’t know if that’s good or bad Kate. We reached out to our church for help and they told me yesterday the financial committee met and consulted with the Pastor and the answer was no and they said at times they were lead to help people and at times there not and at this time the answer was no they can’t help us. I’ve been told by others blogger friends to reach out to other churches I just messaged one and explained out situation but I just don’t know. I have a heavy heart and have prayed alot not to have and angry heart. My husband and I said last night were so confused and don’t understand what God wants from us or understand his plan for us. As I read all about Faith ours is definitely being tested Kate. I want it all to end in a good way! Thank you your post always cheer me up! Blessed day I’m about to write a post for my phone lol! Love you and thinking of you us simple gals!


  2. I never enjoyed The Waltons or Little House on the Prairie TV shows, but when I was five I read Robinson Crusoe (yes, I was one of those early reading freaks–Shakespeare made sense to me at 10), and I LOVED the idea of surviving and creating a home from nothing. When I lived in the mountains of Southeastern Oklahoma, I actually tried some of the things Crusoe did, and was amazed that they worked.

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