The Housewife is a writer.

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A new book will be here soon.  This book was a suggestion made by a few of my readers and I finally took it up with both typing hands.  It is a collection of writings from my blog throughout the year.  It will have three sections so the reader can choose their interest and leave the rest…or enjoy all of it.

Section one will be all my articles on homemaking, frugal living, and family.  The next section covers becoming a writer and building this career with no money and while maintaining a happy home.  The last section is a hodge podge of thoughts on God, spiritual matters, sobriety, poverty, and society.


Today I was doing my new exercise routine in the garage and I had my Sandisk on listening to music I’ve had on there over a year.  It brought back memories of living in the tiny house in the Sacramento city and just starting my writing career and blogging.  I was so new and awkward, so filled with insecurities and self-doubt.  I would read other works and compare myself, worry, dream, wish.  I made so many mistakes and was so technically dense.  I would have to republish the same book 20 times over before it was really saleable.  I tried doing my own editing, make the cheap covers from Amazon (I still do on Createspace paperback).  I had no money and only a $300 laptop.  I still have and love this cheap computer.   I would use cheap copyright free photos off the internet and my writing was cautious.  My fiction was terrible.  I have rewritten two of my books since and my last book, which was my first book that I completely made over and changed the title, was well received.  My homemaking books would sell at the rate of one every other week.  They rarely earned a review.

A lot changes in a year or two.  The difference is wonderful and I continue because I enjoy it so much.  I’m not famous or rich but I make enough for fun things like new fabulous washing machines and a plump savings account.  I am no longer concerned with what others think or say.  Bad reviews and good reviews are both important.  I get some reviews that are ridiculously offensive.  I share them with my girlfriends and we have a good laugh…or sometimes I use them to improve.  I receive wonderful reviews that give me more wind in my sales.  I no longer compare myself to the other authors out there.  We all have our place on the writer’s wheel and there is a group of readers for all of us.  I sell 25 to 50 books a day and my blog is thriving and growing.  I have worked hard for every ounce of success.

This is the largest book I have ever written so far.  It is over a year’s worth of work, thoughts, and learning.  It’s years worth of growing and improving in my role of homemaker, mother, writer, and the beginnings of homesteading in the city.

It should be arriving within a few weeks.


11 thoughts on “The Housewife is a writer.

  1. How fantastic is that!?!? Congratulations! I look forward to getting it. Where will it be available? I just did a post about submitting my first article. I am so nervous. My biggest fear is that my friends are being nice to my face but secretly talking about how awful I am. Did you have that fear? How do you get over it?


    1. I just blogged about that but it won’t be out for weeks…and I can’t keep you waiting! I was so insecure and weird for months but I’ve been blogging for over a year and writing books for over two year and have almost 20 out there. I have had great 5 star reviews and awful reviews that make a person want to drink. Now I just don’t care because now I have so much fun and I realize that you will find your tribe of readers and that small group of haters. They are all useful.


  2. I can’t wait! I find your writing so inspiring and encouraging and I need a lot of that right now!

    If you ever decided to do vlogs or podcasts or pep talks I’ll be your first customer!

    Jane x

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    1. ooh, I don’t know about that. I did one way back and did not enjoy it. I like being behind the scenes. But you have yourself to thank for this book. You encouraged and inspired me to do it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it but was so busy with the house. I also needed to find a way to organize all those write ups. We are waiting on the editor and then we can open our Fall gift. 🙂 Look for the freebie…couple weeks. It’s a very fat book. Yay!


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