Herb gardens, thoughts on mint, having a tool box for the lady of the house.


I was reading about mint and all its wonders.  Mint is great for repelling aphids and other garden bugs that you don’t want.  It is great for repelling mosquitos.  It also repels mice.  Yay mint.  Mint also makes ice tea and water yummy and can be made into mint oils to make the house smell fabulous.  Basil is also a great bug repellent.  I buy little plants at Winco for a couple bucks and then plant them in pots.  Most herbs do best in containers.  Mint can get crazy so it’s best to keep it contained and many herbs are Mediterranean heat lovers and don’t mind drying out between watering.  Thyme, Oregano, and Rosemary are great potted plants.

I have not had the best of luck with container gardening but herbs are sounding pretty easy and therefore I have my start of rosemary, mint, and German Chamomile which is also a great bad bug repellent.  I will grow all my herbs around my garden beds.  For more info on 12 herbs that do all sorts of good and repel all sorts of nuisances:


Tool Box for the house.


Every homemaker needs a little box of tools and such.  I find that through out the day I need to measure this space, hang that picture, tighten a screw.  I spend more time looking for the tools and then I’m pissed by nightfall when the little activity is still not done because I still have not found that hammer…or screw driver.

I have my box here that I keep in a cupboard in the laundry room/office.  I have two hammers, two different measuring tapes, leveler, USB port cords for cell and camera to upload photos for my life and blog, and my garden seeds.

I can sleep tonight.


6 thoughts on “Herb gardens, thoughts on mint, having a tool box for the lady of the house.

  1. I once helped a lady who lived in a senior’s apartment building, and I noticed that there was not only was mint growing in the tiny plots outside each apartment, it had grown so tall that it had fallen over on the sidewalk. Several of the women told me that they had trouble walking over the mint, and one lady couldn’t get her wheelchair across it. I said, “I need a good pair of scissors and some brown paper bags.” When I was equipped, I got down on my knees and proceeded to cut all that mint back down to ground level. I filled several bags. Needless to say I was the hero of several seniors that day! I took all that mint home, washed and stripped all the leaves, and filled my dehydrator with it. My whole house smelled AMAZING for 12 hours. I had mint tea makings for months.


  2. My mint is flourishing in a pot. The kids pick it to put into their drinks and ice-cube trays. I use it in salads and the odd gin and tonic. I didn’t realise it repelled bugs but that explains why the petunias nearby are going great too, while others are being eaten 🙂

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