Decorating for free and with items from the garage…or someones yard.


As most of you know, I’m back to my no spending and saving like a champ mode.  Yesterday morning I was getting crumble for my hens and I spied a couple crates and remembered the younger years when we used crates to make shelving, store things, chairs.  They may be ugly but they are handy and I am limited on shelving.  I washed a couple of them and created this setup.  For now, it will work.  You can even spray paint crates for a better look.  But I have no spray paint and this is all free.

The next issue in furniture was my desk.  This is what I had for my office.  A coffee table and stool.  As Japenese-charm as it was, I found myself going to the Chiropractor more often.  I really needed a real desk and chair as I do all my book writing, bill paying, faxing, administration work, and blogging right there.


Joette and I took a trip to her daughter’s house and they had piles of things left over from a three-weekend garage sale.  Everything left was free!  I dragged home this ugly table and a great office chair that just needed a little scrub and hot sun.


Here is a transformation that was simply an old curtain and my plants and books.  I swear by covers and plants.  Go ahead and paint if it’s more of a real 911.



When my husband first saw the ugly table and dirty chair he was not pleased.  He made some comment about dragging home trash.  He just doesn’t have the vision.  Afterwards, he proudly helped arrange things as if it had been his idea.  This guy.

When living on a tight budget because you have to or because you have a big goal and want to save every precious penny, you must find that creative part of your soul.  When you have something in mind such as the need for bookshelf or desk, and you find a free item…look beyond the ugly.  There are Pinterest and flip it shows on TV all the time.  I love watching and scouring the internet for ideas.  Most of the ideas seem a bit advanced for me or I don’t have the proper tools.  However, I just dumby down the idea and use what I know…paint, plants, covers.  And that is really all it takes sometimes to fix up a funky piece.  Or house.


The Funky and Frugal Housewife: Making a Good Family Life on Very Little by [Singh, Mrs. Kate]

5 thoughts on “Decorating for free and with items from the garage…or someones yard.

  1. Nice! I do this too. I’m using an old butcher block table top as the headboard for my son’s queen sized bed. It looks right at home with the rustic/western look I’m doing in there. BTW, the Redneck also does the, ‘That’s gonna look awful/wow, we came up with a great idea!’ flip. It’s in the DNA, just go with it!

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  2. I love that hubby helped you arrange your desk after he complained about bringing in trash. My husband doesn’t always ‘get’ my ideas either. He usually says ‘okay’ in a question sort of way. Your desk area looks cozy and so do your little crate book shelves… works for me!

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  3. The Redneck was shocked when I came home the first time from dumpster diving at an upscale apartment complex. I had a huge kitchen shelf, a desk for my son’s room, and a bunch of nice clothes, including a real leather motorcycle jacket! He asked who would toss out such nice things. I explained that sometimes folks get really mad, and I am there to reap the benefits! That jacket and clothes brought a nice price! Now he just hands me the keys when I get the diving ‘itch’!

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